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Way You Like It

Way You Like It

  • By Hot Soup
  • Release 30/10/2007
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Hot Soup simmers with intelligent lyrics, zany humor, spirited musicality and scrumptious three-part harmony The recipe for this delectable concoction are the blended solo talents of Sue Trainor, Christina Muir and Jennie Avila. Their recordings continue to place this nationally touring trio among the most-played artists on international acoustic radio. Washingtonian magazine said 'Insiders expect the... trio Hot Soup to go far!' The Mars 'Spirit' Rover Digs Hot Soup! NASA's press release read, in part: 'Spirit Digs a Trench" 'On sol 47, ending at 12:36 p.m. February 20, 2004 PST, engineers woke 'Spirit' up to the song 'Dig Down Deep,' by Hot Soup [written by Libby Roderick], and that's exactly what Spirit proceeded to do. The two-hour operation performed by Spirit's left front wheel resulted in a trench 7-8 centimeters deep (2.8 to 3.1 inches) that uncovers fresh soil and possibly ancient information....' Afterwards, the JPL Mission Manager told the trio that he found their music by searching on iTunes: 'The voices, harmony, and rhythm were simply captivating with this soul-penetrating crystalline clarity, and the lyrics were so appropriate, it was freaky. We were going to do our first digging operation with the Spirit rover (making a trench with the wheels) to look under the surface for possible evidence of liquid water having been there at one time... to determine whether Mars may have once had an environment suitable for life.... Essentially, we're looking for Hot Soup.' Mark Adler, Mars Exploration Rover Spirit Mission Manager Look no further! Hot Soup's live shows 'sparkle,' said Sing Out! Magazine. The trio brings a rare blend of spontaneity and intimacy to their performances, often developing hilarious exchanges among themselves and with the audience. The trio's musical diversity extends to their instrumentation, including a variety of guitar stylings, harp, conga, ubang (a variety of udu), and small percussion such as kokirico and window shutter. The focus, however, is always the sweet voices, trading lead vocals and capturing harmonies that raise goose bumps. No surprise, really. All three are talented solo performers with recordings of their own in addition to 'Hot Soup!', 'Soup Happens,' and their latest release 'The Way You Like It'. Sue Trainor is best known for satirical humor in her adult shows and imaginative musical play in her children's performances; her children's music CD Under Tables, Out Back Doors won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum award. Christina Muir, the daughter of Ann Mayo Muir (of Bok, Muir and Trickett), builds on her musical heritage with her elegant vocals and lyrical instrumentation, insightful contemporary songwriting, and engaging repartee. Hot Soup's newest member, Jennie Avila, brings her magnetic stage presence, agile soprano, flavorful original songs, exotic birdcalls and groove-full percussion to create an irresistible blend. 'Mix the tight, intricate harmonies of the Hills, Herdman, Mangsen trio with the stylistic variety of the Four Bitchin' Babes, then add the zaniness and energy of the Chenille Sisters. You've just made HOT SOUP!' Joyce Sica, Baldwins Station and Cellar Stage, Baltimore, MD.


Artist: Hot Soup
Title: Way You Like It
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 30/10/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707133805


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