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  • By Hotspur
  • Release 15/08/2006
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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'Beta' - the debut full-length from the DC-based quartet Hotspur. Produced by Chris Grainger and Russ Long (Switchfoot, Wilco, Dropping Daylight). Key Tracks - 'Young and Reckles', 'Goodbye, Goodbye', 'She's Got to Go'. 'Despite 'Beta'’s name, this is not a rough album or anything that needs any iota of work. Perfection aside, Hotspur doesn’t seem poised to relinquish any crown of awesomeness to the next band. Instead they gift us with their brand of pop-rock with elements of punk and indie rock stirred in for good measure. The DC-based quartet build on their self-titled EP and seem to amazingly improve on that album which was just two steps from perfect. Chris Grainger and Russ Long (Wilco, Switchfoot, Dropping Daylight) produced “Beta” and culled addictive melodies and catchy pop hooks that will produce grins from ear to ear.' 'Infectious hooks and a really strong performance made everyone stop to dance, even the people who are too cool for that kind of thing.' '...catchy sing along songs that contain solid rump shaking rhythms, suave guitars, epic keyboards and debonair vocal parts HOTSPUR sounds like nothing out these days, while containing a brilliant of mix of what inspires and influences them.' -The Audio Nut on 'Excellent songwriting, amazing vocals, tight rhythm section and distinctive guitar work: A mix close to perfection!' -The Music Vault ---------- In a little over a year, Hotspur has gone from hype machine to the hardest working band in music. Hotspur burst onto the radar seemingly out of nowhere in the Spring of '06, after a blistering showcase at SxSW. Endorsements from industry websites such as Kings of A&R followed, and licensing deals with MTV came soon thereafter. Showcases and talks with labels came and went, and despite heavy interest in the bands infectious songs, their lack of experience showed through. This only strengthened the bands resolveâ€"and in August 2006 they independently released their first full-length album 'Beta' to rave reviews, and headed out on the road. They tirelessly began promoting the band, spending every free moment doing whatever it took to make new fans, and they haven't stopped since. It has been said that a band is only as strong as it’s fan base. One year after appearing out of nowhere at SxSW, Hotspur fans are cropping up all over the country. Though based in Maryland, they’ve played sold out shows as far as Chicago and North Carolina. And the fans don’t stop there. In March ’07 Hotspur entered the Smartpunk competition to play Warped Tour, a contest based entirely on fan voting; and despite the intimidating presence of dozens of indie and major label bands, they earned a spot on the tour. And while this might be a shock to many, if you're a fan of this band you could've seen it coming. As one fan put it, 'they make you want to spend all your time helping them get more well known, cause you always see them killing themselves to do the same.' As for the music? They've been described as the sound of rock music evolving. Taking unabashed punk-rock intensity and dance floor energy, boxing it up into chords and melodies, then spraying on a shiny pop veneer and dropping a Korg Triton on it, Hotspur can be more succinctly described as catchy as hell. They’ve got a sound, they’ve got songs and they’ve got a great live showâ€"but their biggest asset of all is the connection they have with their fans.


Artist: Hotspur
Title: Beta
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 15/08/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 859700004838


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