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  • By Human X
  • Release 24/06/2003
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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HUMANX Bio T.C - Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar. Brenner - Bass/Vocals. Deitz - Lead Guitar/Vocals. Jiyo - Drums/Vocals. Out of NY. comes a 4 piece rock band with each member coming from total opposites of the musical spectrum. Each member's completely different musical style is combined to create a sound truly their own. The band caught the attention of Rock Solid Music Group which signed and released their debut CD 'Wilted' in 2003. The band has since been consistantly touring in support of the release. The CD was recorded from November 02 to May 03 at Millbrook Studio in New York. All tracks were scrapped and the band started all over from scratch. The final product after months of frustration clearly speaks for itself. The band's highly acclaimed live show and tour will run through out the summer and into the fall. The group HUMAN X formed in Poughkeepsie, NY. in the year 2000 and within 4 years a following of true fans has formed. During this time the band has written 3 albums worth of material and survived the growing pains of a rock and roll band. HUMAN X have created and polished a live show which please's fans and audiences from several age groups and musical tastes. HUMAN X is made up of 4 talented musicians with years of experience. Lead singer T.C brings a vocal style to the group that sets the band apart from any other. Growing up in MA. and playing the Boston/Northeast scene, T.C. cut his teeth at age 16 and started playing in bands until forming Sudden Impact, which gained popularity and notariaty while perfoming with act's such as John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band and multi platinum act Extreme. When that project ended T.C. set out for NY. where he formed The Trendies an act whose music was simply ahead of it's time, followed by fronting the band Vibe Tibe (w/drummer Al Afusso) brother of Rob Afusso of Skid Row fame which led to tours, road work and interest from major labels. The group took a hiatus, never to reform. T.C. not one to give up on vision's or dream's, continued and formed the current project HUMAN X. T.C's influences include Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Chris Cornell currently of Audioslave & and former frontman of Soundgarden, and Steve Perry formerly of Journey. Left handed bass player Brenner born and raised in Beacon, NY. started playing guitar at 5 years old which was taught by his mom. He also played in bands through out high school and later refined his skills with bands such as Manifest Destiny, Ominous and Malignant. Brenner's influences include Geezor Butler of Black Sabbath, Gene Simmons of Kiss and Kerry King. Drummer Jiyo was born and raised in Beacon, NY. and began playing at 7 years old and at age 11 he got his first kit. In school bands he spent time taking lessons from world renowned teacher Charlie Morana of the Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa fame. Jiyo Studied and played big band and jazz. At age 15 he started playing with bands such as Mean Malin and the Soul Patrol, The Generation, Heavens to Mergitroid and Aunt Mary. Jiyo's influences include Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche, Neil Peart of Rush, Peter Criss of Kiss and Stewart Copeland of the Police. Lead guitar guitar player DEITZ Coming from the national band PANDEMIC is a great addition to this project. Having had instruction from guitar greats Neil Zaza, Reb Beachand Marty Friedman to being a runner up in the Guitar player from Hell (Hudson Valley New York) Deitz brings power, melody and influenced songwriting to the plate. Influences include Neil Zaza, Neal Schon, Gary Moore, Paul Gilbert and John Petrucci to name a few. Blending all of these together Deitz has his own very recognizable sound. DEITZ can write a riff to drive people crazy in seconds 'Absolutely beating the Sh#$ out of my guitars is my favorite thing on stage' says DEITZ. The making of 'Wilted' proved to be a challenge for the band as far as choosing material. There were many songs to choose from as the band continued to write more material during the making of this record. Add to the fact the first 16 songs were completely disposed of. Then the group decided to take a different approach on the recording technique and selection of songs. Fans and audiences can relate to the songs as they describe everyday life and reality to humans. Songs like: 'Words' that describe relationships gone bad, discovering lies'. 'Circles' which describes life, having a bad day. 'Wilted' about life and time passing by. T.C who writes the groups material and presents it to the band for their flavor, likes to be alone when writing and often digs deep inside his mind, soul, and surroundings. T.C hears music first, hums something apparent to him, and then adds the chorus, bridge and lyrics last. Add to that Deitz pure insanity and rock guitar. Brenner's left-handed metal fill. Jiyo's big band, jazz, and rock back beat to the mix. Now you witness the unlikely but most powerful sound that is the band HUMAN X. The bands philosophy is simply stated as such: 'This is a description of emotional true feelings and everyday life' Human X stands for One World & One Life. # # #.


Artist: Human X
Title: Wilted
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 24/06/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057964324


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