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Lake Effect

Lake Effect

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'Funny the money to make a brother so dumb / He writing all these lies forgettin when he was bummy / It's a sugar shame how ya rappers have flipped flopped / The ghetto got greedy and watered down the hip hop...' - King Adari I 'Next Up' None other than King Adari I, one third of The Incredible C.O.L.D., can lyrically illustrate this familiar picture too often seen in the music industry. With fellow lyrists, Collaj, The Incredible C.O.L.D. ('C.O.L.D') is one the wittiest rap duos to surface in years. DJ 'Live' completes the trio armed with 1200's, reminiscent of that golden rap era. The C.O.L.D. is from the Chicagoland area and central Illinois. 'Me and Collaj go way back...' said Adari. 'We clicked from the get go cause we had similar tastes but could still put each other on some new s#*t.' Both rappers are not only artists but also great fans and connoisseurs of music. When asked to name some musical influences, Collaj offered these words: 'The old school, definitely old school influence. From Rose Royce to the Pharcyde...that's what happens when you come from a big fam and you're one of the youngest...ya know?' Enter The Lake Effect, the group's first album off of Fourshadow Entertainment. The Lake Effect is inspired by the winter weather phenomena notorious for mounting snowfall in the Great Lakes Region. 'This album covers a bunch of subjects and shows not only our potential but hip hop's period as far as creativity goes.' Collaj had this to said about the debut album, 'Yeah, we definitely represented the Midwest through and through and that was the main purpose of the album. Lyrically and musically, we stayed true by being ourselves and not trying to be the flavor of the month MC.' The Lake Effect contains the thought provoking song, 'Next Up' and the humorous cut, 'Drunk Flow'; not to mention, the self-titled, 'C.O.L.D.' These workaholics are simultaneously promoting The Lake Effect album while working on their self-titled sophomore release, Children of the Last Days a/k/a C.O.L.D slated for 2006. Always thinking ahead, the group boasts their sophomore album will bring an edgy theme that hip hoppers yearn to hear. Ready for the streets, this group's unique blend of old and new flavor over infectious beats by Binary Rhythms, The Incredible C.O.L.D. is destined to bring The Lake Effect to the unsuspected.


Artist: The Incredible C.O.L.D.
Title: Lake Effect
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 29/06/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 824184000225


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