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Something to Smoke to

Something to Smoke to

  • By Individuals
  • Release 20/07/2004
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

If you like Hip-Hop, you'll like THE Individuals! If you like Gangsta Rap, you'll like THE Individuals! But if you like both, you'll love THE Individuals. If you\'re tired of all the constant division THE Individuals are the lick. THE Individuals are a Hip-Hop group from the streets of Chicago who decided to put that real Hip-Hop together with straight up Gangsta Rap and call it 'Gangsta Hip-Hop'. THE Individuals can hold it down in either category! These motherf***ers ain't nothing nice! THE Individuals are one of the hottest new sensations coming out of the Windy City. And their amazing CD is entitled 'SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO'. This classic CD is for the millions of Marijuana Smokers around the World. Whether you read High Times, Red Eye, Cannabis Culture, Heads, Skunk, Treating Yourself, or Weed World Magazines, if you love Weed you\'ll love 'SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO'. This CD was created just for you to sit back and smoke a joint, spliff, blunt, pipe, bong, or vaporizer. This CD has some serious tracks produced by 18 CLARK, Rob Diggy, Buff, and 'Hurt em Bad' who produced the Tupac song Hail Mary and some other tracks for Pac. THE Individuals are taking Thug Life and Marijuana Music International. From Hawaii to Africa people smoke Weed, and 'SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO' is the soundtrack for puff-puff passing all around the World. No skipping from track to track, just push play, fire up the Marijuana, and roll with THE I-CLICK! Whether it\'s the Seattle Hemp Fest or the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the MardiGrass in Australia, or the Hemp Fair in London, THE Individuals have the music to fit the event. Don't sleep on these extra talented Masters of the Microphone. If you need some really nice Marijuana Music, 'SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO' is the perfect 420 soundtrack. In May 2005 the Global Marijuana Music Awards were held in Nimbin Australia and THE Individuals received (3) 2005 Global Marijuana Music Awards "Best Rap Song", "Best Reggae Song", and "Best Video". In August 2005 THE Individuals gave the city of Seattle a treat when they put on an electrifying performance at the 2005 Seattle Hemp Festival. It's no doubt that 2005 was a great year for THE Individuals who have been together since 1998. The name of the group reflects the individuality they represent with their unique styles and original flows. Originality is the key to the great music that THE Individuals produce. With their "be you" attitude THE Individuals a.k.a. "THE I-CLICK" made their mark with the 420 classic CD "SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO". Things got just as exciting in 2006 when THE Individuals released their hot sophomore CD "SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO 2", the sequel to the very colorful "SOMETHING TO SMOKE TO". This time THE Individuals received (2) 2006 Global Marijuana Music Awards "Best Rap" and "Best Blues", and (2) 2006 American Marijuana Music Awards "Best Rap" and "Best Blues". THE Individuals created even more excitement for their fans by making a deal with SHOWTIME for the song "LET A THUG SMOKE" to be used in the Golden Globe Winning series "WEEDS". In 2007 THE Individuals worked their number with a return performance at the 2007 Seattle Hempfest, and also doing it big on the 3rd season of the SHOWTIME Comedy Series "WEEDS' with their cover of the theme song "LITTLE BOXES". In 2008 THE Individuals continue to impress by receiving (2) 2008 Global Marijuana Music Awards for 'Best Rap' and 'Album of the Year' and (2) 2008 American Marijuana Music Awards for 'Best Rap' and 'Album of the Year'. In 2010 THE Individuals won the Global Marijuana Music Award for 'Best Rap' making them the Winners of (12) Marijuana Music Awards. Audiences worldwide are in for a treat when THE Individuals take center stage in various towns and cities with one of their top notch performances. Any promoter would be wise to include this tight group from Chicago when plans are made for shows, concerts, and festivals. Chicago is known for live music, and the Windy City produces some of the best talent in the World. There are many hidden treasures in Chicago, and THE I-CLICK is one of them. If you love great music do your ears a favor and get some fantastic music by THE Individuals.


Artist: Individuals
Title: Something to Smoke to
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 20/07/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057856025


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