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Hip-Hop Rebirth

Hip-Hop Rebirth

  • By J-Double-R
  • Release 16/06/2009
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £19.07

Product Notes

J-Double-R is a free style hip-hop rapper and a college student in Canada and a native of Brooklyn, New York. With A College Mix Tape BEST seller CD underneath his belt, his fans are eating it up and begging for more-double-R, the rap artist has drop a debut solo CD album call "Hip-Hop Rebirth" with great reviews from the radio stations and college fans. The expectation and highly anticipation soundtracks was inspired by the Obama's campaign which he was a participant at campus. J-Double-R 's lyrics are composed with a huge mix of sound slick,rhyme scheme and hip-hop flow that is smooth as a cucumber but clean for all listeners to hear. This new CD is a cut and paste of a political rappernomic composition with an underground multi-cultural global sound beat!! J-Double-R, was exposed to the birth of hip-hop cultural struggle because he was raised around Ave H through Flatbush Avenue and back to Canarsie .His family life reflects the economic dilemma and the dateriation of his neighborhood. Music at an early age was displayed night and day under the roof of his very own father, to escape the street life! Dad, sang as deep and smooth as the later Luther Vendors, danced like hammer mixed with the b-boy style and harmonized like the Temptation and Philip Bailey in Earth Wind & Fire! His father's vocal range was easily expressed with grace! J-Double-R, watched his dad night and day but little did he know music would out-grow greatly by the passionate of basketball! It wasn't until after graduating from JHS Huddie Main & Annex in B Brooklyn, he later attended Walter Johnson High school in Bethesda Maryland which is were he started to right lyrics at his college dorm as a hobby .Pre-med was his major but music became his minor as well as, his passion to change the Hip-Hop culture of his generation. Science along side of Anatomy & Physiology connected and stayed with him until he graduated from high school. He received presidential honor is Science and of course basketball's head captain, m.v.p, wildcats awards and a bit of track & field! It wasn't until, where J-Double-R began express and flirt with his hidden talent that has remained doubted by him and hidden to all! After receiving a scholarship to a Division-2 to Columbia Union as well as achieving his Respiratory Therapist associates degree, he was presented an opportunity to play basketball alongside of High school teammate Jean-Louis Outtarwa as well to continue his medical career. J-Double-R is in Canada?? He couldn't believe it himself! .His Studies, basketball and adjusting to the weather climate emerged quickly! Being a Libra with a very balance scale, he found this as a challenge and his music explode into the college campus. Down to the Canadian night clubs!! His music D.N.A slowly evolved when Venus 511 management toke him on and released his first CD of The College Mixtape in Canada and USA! Venus 5-11, a Music Company begun to invest in this triple talented young man! Ms,D.Haward, "J-Double-R, an multi-talented artist who's so poetic, so cool, so creative, politically correct savvy, keeps it clean and hands down original! Even if you hate on his style, you still won't be able to duplicate his dimple smile! From being a slashing shooting Guard on the court, to as serious about his pre-med studies in school of the class room, now J-Double-R has generated his hidden talent filled with expression, feeling, and creativity to Sett'em off!! These soundtracks consist of grinding music beats and smooth sounds of old school rhymes with the collaboration of his Canadian crew, multi-talented Rapper !Big-j from Bronx, New York and the lovely talented Kiss Royal . J-Double-R wrote, arranged, composed and produced all his tracks and with the assistant of Flash and Kiss Royale, Fultime aka Scott-free who are members of the group Royal 800!! This album will set a long journey to Fully Auto send incredible shock waves from Canada, Africa, UK and back to Capital Hill homie. His lyrics reflects a revival of true hip-hop that express "back in the days " or "Back to the Basic" to how hip-hop use to make you move, listen and recite with fun inspiring lyric's that will make " ya scream like "Ahhh". With a new multi cultural American president Obama on capital hill, change will come and the Obama effect will ripple across the Atlantic and the youth will forever have a political voice to shape and change the process of our social culture. J-Double-R hopes to inspire as well reach out to all demographically, nationally and internationally because it's so Royal!! The Hip-Hop rebirth CD was mostly written in Canada and his trip in Australia, where he was on a medical re-treat with the Laureate Program Scholar for making the deans list in his time in college. He is truly a role model for his generation and yet he is so modest and reserve. To be able to attend college as a pre-med student, play competitive college basket ball and write, composed and produced his own hip-hop CD is an extraordinary task!...He feeds his mind with smarts, he feeds his body with competitive sports and he feeds his soul with wisdom that injects music beats of social changes in his rhymes to the masses!!! This is it, are you ready to Get Loose?? Are you ready for the J-dub Show? Ready for new the Changes? Well, I present un-to you, J-Double-R, Hip-Hop Re'birth! Now watch him play it livveeeee, on the dead piano! Even if you hate on his style, you still won't be able to duplicate his dimple smile!!


Artist: J-Double-R
Title: Hip-Hop Rebirth
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 16/06/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 844553012000
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