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Love Is a Mystery

Love Is a Mystery

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The thoughts of the artist: I was born in Jacmel, Haiti. I spent many years in the capital city of Port-au-Prince before moving to the United States in January 1999. Since then, I have been living in Placitas, New Mexico with his wife. I attended the University of New Mexico and received a bachelor's degree in International Management. I speak four languages: French, Creole, English, and Spanish. Since I was a child music has been a dominate force within my life. Music and words have come naturally to me. I did not have to listen to a tune twenty times in order to memorize the words or to understand the melody. When I did not know or remember the words to a song I simply made up new ones. I was never shy to express myself in this area. For many years I wrote poetry until around the year of 1988 when I changed my strategy from writing poetry to lyrical tunes. It just seemed the right direction to go at the time. My love of words became intermixed with my love of music. I was raised in an environment that granted me the opportunity to think and express my desires, regrets, rejections, joy, and pain as they all knocked upon my door. I grew up in Haiti, an environment that was for me dressed up with painful memories of inhumane living conditions, and it was there that I found my inspiration for life and for music. In spite of the misery and pain, my lyrics stay clear from the anger of a heartbroken social condition in which the Haitian people continue to struggle with life. I have made a conscious choice to have my everyday experience be a focus on love and on peace. My musical work is a statement of my life, your life, and everyone's life. I believe that one way or another anyone who listens to this music will find soulful comfort, love, and the desire to live life with a fresher and more positive outlook. As music has always been an important part of my life, I feel grateful that I have reached a long sought after goal. I have recorded my original lyrics and music entitled 'Love Is A Mystery' onto CD format. The CD contains eleven songs. Five songs are in English, five are in French, and one is in Creole. People say that I have an interestingly beautiful musical style. This CD is composed entirely of soft and romantic pop ballads. My musical style combines the influences of French 'chansonette' and Caribbean music with pop beat, which gives this album an exotic and melodic flavor. I sing for those who feel lonely, are in search of love, acceptance, and compassion. I sing for those who are waiting for a moment of joy to come into their lives. I sing for those who look for refuge, companionship, and trust. Finally, I sing for those who are being robbed of their hope and their will to live. I would like to tell them that there will come a day in which their regret, loneliness, pain, and desperation will transform into an ocean of joyful loveliness. This music is from my heart. It describes what I feel and who I am. I grew up in a violent society where there were not a lot of resources for the respect of human life. Above all, I did not let the lack of human rights, especially abuses in reference to women and children transform my thinking into hate and force me to lose the meaning of love, peace, and compassion. To the contrary I find my strength and love out of the desperate need to help a society change it's course of direction. 'Love Is A Mystery' is a set of musical lyrics, a recording that is intended to help heal decades of painful memories, desperations, and loneliness. Just believe, find hope in your own ability to change and to find love, peace, and compassion in the world. Be with me my friends! Again, I love you! Jacob.


Artist: Jacob Michel Decimus
Title: Love Is a Mystery
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14/12/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 825346653921


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