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(Duplicated CD)
  • By Jaloes
  • Release 26/03/2009
  • Music Genre Classical Artists
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

'Weather' is relaxing music written to express the mood for several weather conditions, through a set of uplifting pieces of musical progression. These songs are made with layers of electronic patterns and repetitive piano chords. Instrumental, melodic, minimalist and rhythmic music played with virtual instruments featuring piano, strings and keyboards. 'I write music about the world, my life and everything around me. I find many inspiring things in nature. I would like to think that people find beauty in my music. I write for pleasure, my own and that of everyone else.' (Jaloes) "It's an emotive sort of music meant for work environments to sooth tired minds, Sunday chess and intimate moments. The album 'Weather' paints pictures of Winter landscapes with it's song titles as well as it's tones. It's meant for the parts of movies where the character experiences deep loss." (The Indie, November 2011) "Rainy immediately made me think of Philip Glass, and what more do you need as far as an introduction? I hope you enjoy this driving and insistent piano piece. The more I listen to it, the more I love it." (Mimi Cross, Sirenstories, October 2011) 'There certainly are some very lovely melodic elements to this piece and I also appreciate your pure and simple approach, your layering and builds are quite effective as well.' (Great American Song Contest 2009) 'I really liked many of the places you took this harmonically.' (Tomás Hradcky, Indie International Songwriting Contest 2009) 'With repeated melodies and additions, using traditional instruments and his trusty computer, he creates soothing sounds to relax the cares of your day away. Never can there have been a more compelling way to experience the weather through headphones. His 2009 album 'Weather' provides the mainstay of the tracks on here. With names like 'Rainy', Sunny', 'Cloudy', etc the music reflects the mood engendered by the weather type. On 'Rainy' you can certainly detect the influence of one of Jaloes' key figures of inspiration, namely Philip Glass. 'Hazy' also reflected Glass's work as well as sounding like Kate Bush's Sensual World album or the work of Belgian composer Wim Mertens. I liked the undulating experimentation of 'Stormy' though in keeping with my perverse nature I found it to be somewhat more comforting than it's title might suggest. I also liked 'Snowy' which was, fittingly, more reflective and triggered memories of Sweden in the deep mid winter.' (Paul Nixon, November 2010) 'In 'snowy' there's that same stilled almost incubated / hermetically sealed sensation that's brought on by snowfall as it blankets the land acting like a pillow muffling the sounds from afar, the skipping keys mimicking perfectly the galloping flurries as well as the pit a patter here brought to life by the frosted chimes. It's gorgeous stuff mostly piano based and very much moulded with a classical eye none more so is this the case than on 'foggy (strings mix)' where gthe calming swells of brontean braids tenderly tempt with the sumptuous beauty of fortdax. Mind you we here are rather taken by 'windy' it's fizzing guitar shuffle peppered by skewering riff rips you feel ought to come with it's own 70's styled noir spy TV show - it being something that should appeal to admirers of early Gnac as well as the more coolly cold offerings from Budd and Mancini's respective back catalogues. And lest we forget to mention the distractively skewed 'hot' which cleverly blends the busy with the lazy, the cosmically scuttled fuzzy funk and playfully hectic accents (much reminiscent at times of Stevie Wonders 'living for the city' and lovin spoonfuls 'summer in the city' being retrained through a Vernon Elliott blender) dissipating to moments of Stereolab like lounge groove.' (, October 2010) 'Very few artists that I listen to ever really touch that special chord within me with their music. Many make me feel something, but few touch that inner chord of exquisite excellence. You my friend, inspire me!. With no bull, you are the essence of melody to me. Your interpretive lyrical style onto which your music is played is special and genius. I think you are incredible and should be recognized more for that.' (BillyD, Stereofame)


Artist: Jaloes
Title: Weather
Genre: Classical Artists
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 26/03/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884502034875


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