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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

  • By James Jewell
  • Release 08/01/2007
  • Music Genre Spoken
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £15.41
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Product Notes

Reviews of this YogaNidra CD by James Jewell: I have used this CD in many ways: On my ipod while travelling as a way of centering myself. As a way of helping insomnia, a great sleep inducer. To help with pain control. While undergoing cancer treatment as a way of raising energy and using the resolve as an affirmation. For release and reconnection with the universe. I love Hannahs music which complements the calmness of James' voice GR This CD is just extraordinary and because I use it almost everyday, I am already - like you promise - feeling the long term accumulative effects. Thank you for making it! Brenda About James Jewell I began to practice yoga in the 1980s, finding both physical and spiritual healing from illness, and also an inner foundation from which to live. My experinece draws from different schools and from life itself, adapting these to suit the students' ability and aspirations. I was drawn to Yoga Nidra because it brings the benefits of deep relaxation, positive change, and self-realisation. Above all, I hope that you enjoy it's benefits. James Jewell About Yoga Nidra In a busy progressive society in which most of us live today, where the mind, led by the five senses, is constantly tempted/ bombarded towards fresh external stimuli, it can be easy to forget the rich inner life that actually nourishes and gives birth to our being, where from everything arises - our source. It is this source that most of us are thirsting for, this sense of wholeness and peace which at essence ...we are. Yoga Nidra is a powerful technique with which we learn to relax deeply, yet consciously. For to relax absolutely we need to remain aware. The searchlight of the senses is slowly encouraged/ directed to shine within, to dive deep into the depths of our being, through the mind, to contact the source of self knowledge and inspiration lying within each of us. Through watching itself, separated from external experiences and sleep, the mind quietens, yet becomes more translucent and receptive. It is in this threshold state of complete, deep relaxation between sleep and wakefulness, that contact with the powerful forces of the subconscious and unconscious mind occurs spontaneously..... thus opening the gateway for intuition to flow. This is the potency of what Yoga Nidra, wakeful sleep, can offer, a path towards self realisation, where we develop the ability to witness, observe and absorb. At the same time, in Yoga Nidra we can sow new seeds of our choice into the bed of our mind, to create positive change - seeds to awaken hidden capacities such as inner confidence, harmony, peace, and authenticity. With care, clarity and intent this seed can grow to become a powerful directive in our lives. How it is Practiced Yoga Nidra is generally practised lying down,( in comfortable, loose clothing) to aid the feeling of letting go into it's deep relaxational benefits. The surroundings need to be quiet and free of disturbances. All that is needed then is the willing to listen and follow the voice of the recording. The voice will deliberately change it's rhythm, tone and intent to help maintain awareness of the listener and to facilitate the bridge between the different realms of the mind. Any time of day is fine and can be adapted to suit personal needs. For example, the mind is fresher and more receptive in the early morning to the practise, yet at nightime, before going to bed, it could be used as an aid to help promote deep, restorative sleep. As with lying down in general, it is best practised on an empty stomach. Sessions can last anytime in between 20-60 mins. The Content A typical session would include: • Preparation and relaxation of the body and mind to begin the Yoga Nidra. • Your resolve or positive seed of change (Sankalpa) would then be repeated to impress upon the subconscious mind. • The consciousness is then directed/rotated around all parts of the body fairly rapidly,without effort. This sensitises the nervous system, internalises the mind and induces relaxation. • Awareness of the breath then follows (Pranayama), usually with the aid of counting backwards, with the observation and feeling of it into different parts of the body. To do this without sleeping is challenging. • Next Opposite sensations are induced and experienced at will within the body/mind, such as heat/cold. The strength of the polarity of these opposites help us to stay hovering in this borderland between slumber and wakefulness, as well as developing our ability to deal with the duality of our life experiences and existance. • A visualisation will then follow, harnessing the witnessing nature of the mind, in the form of a journey, guided imagery and symbols( the language of the unconscious and intuition), or the focus on the subtle energy centres within the body. The possibilities are vast and endlessly creative. • The resolve is repeated again, as the soil of the mind is now so much more fertile for the growth of this seed of change. • Slowly, gradually the consciousness is re-externalised through breath and body, back to awareness.of your being in the room. The benefits As with the regular practise of any relaxational technique the physical, mental and emotional benefits are vast, particularly for those with stress-related problems, such as insomnia. Better still used as preventative medicine. A single hour of Yoga Nidra can be as restful as 4 hrs of normal sleep. Yoga Nidra can provide a transition between working day and home life. It helps to integrates the two hemispheres of the brain, leading to more mental and emotional stability. The highly beneficial alpha waves of the brain are also stimulated and prolonged during the practise. A useful aid to learning meditation, as the witnessing nature of the self is developed. Can be used as a tool to release/manage physical and emotional pain. Products ~ Pre-recorded CDs or Personalised wakeful sleep recordings Prerecorded cds can be bought at the store. Their content is as described above. A free sound clip of physical relaxation can be downloaded here. Alternatively personalised wakeful sleep recordings can be tailored to suit your requirements. For example the length of time you prefer, the focus on a particular issue in you that you want to heal or manage better. This could be pain control, learning to breathe better, particularly in the case of asthmatics, or simply incorporating imagery and practises that speak to you, your cultural background, your spiritual tradition, your situation in a more meaningful way. Please email me or ring for more information. ~ +34 628 442438.


Artist: James Jewell
Title: Yoga Nidra
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 08/01/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479476839