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I Just Wanna Do My Thing

I Just Wanna Do My Thing

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Product Notes

Jamie Lee Thurston leaves nothing to chance. ...and it's not by chance, but by choice, that music is his life. A true heart, Jamie Lee acts and performs with conviction. People who know him personally will tell you he's "just a really good guy;" those who know him 'round the row' will tell you "he plays a mean guitar." Jamie Lee is BIG-BIG on personality and he's a BIG talent. A 100-proof, authentic and talented vocalist, guitar player and songwriter, Jamie Lee Thurston is the definition of artist. With a baritone voice that is deep and rich, he sings with heart and soul. He delivers a tender ballad with as much heart and conviction as a kick-ass tune. Described as a "powerhouse," it's been said, "there are none better out there." Jamie Lee is a seasoned, mature artist who is an artist by heritage. He's testosterone country-big ruckus country. He's a mover and a shaker on stage-an honest performer who puts it in gear and just drives. Injected with adrenaline, Jamie Lee's got it...he pours it on to give it...with everything he's got. With attitude, charisma and sex appeal, Jamie Lee lays it down in a captivating performance that commands attention. Jamie Lee Thurston grew up in New England, the son of divorced parents and the youngest of three children-the baby brother of two sisters. His talent wasn't something that he just "picked up;" it was handed down. A third generation musician, Jamie Lee's father was a renowned bandleader fronting a variety of musical groups in Vermont throughout his childhood, his grandfather and great uncle played fiddle and his uncle played piano. Music is in the Thurston blood. Jamie Lee made his first appearance performing on his father's lap at the age of three. As a teenager, Jamie Lee worked as a roadie for his dad's band; right after high school, he graduated to play guitar in the band. "My dad had guitars lying around the house, I used to strap them on as a kid, turn the stereo up really loud and just bang on the thing. His guitar players spent some time showing me chords and riffs and I just kind of moved on from there." Walking softly in his father's footsteps but with the charge of a warrior to carry on the family name, Jamie Lee moved on to make a name that stood alone. The self-taught guitarist literally grew up playing in bars and clubs across the Northeast and Canada. "I went to road school and learned by living it." His name resounded beyond the Green Mountain State. He's opened for the Dixie Chicks, Sara Evans, Charlie Daniels, Mark Chesnutt and Colin Raye...and the list goes on. He was named Entertainer of The Year by the Vermont Country Music Association in 1987. Jamie Lee traveled to and from Nashville for a number of years to test the waters. His quest led him to become a finalist in the True Value/Coca Cola Country Showdown and the Nashville Entertainment Association's Country Challenge. He appeared on Country Today (The Nashville Network) and the Charlie Daniels Talent Round-up. Jamie moved to Music City in 1997. He scored a writing deal with EMI Music Publishing and a place on the Warner Bros. Records artist roster (2003) where he worked with Chuck Howard to co-produce his first major label CD. The project was shelved in the label's corporate shift. Despite being lost in the corporate shuffle, Jamie Lee stood firm and confident in himself and his music. "If it's in you, it's not something you can give up. It wasn't an option to do anything else." Jamie Lee's got the stuff-the stuff that works to make him a career artist-he writes, he sings and he performs his own music. It's stuff that's lived in like an old favorite pair of boots that's seen a lot of miles. His music is simplistic in style, lyrically and sonically. "I want to tell a story with lyrics that is easily interpreted...and that's just the way I am. No one ever has to wonder what I'm thinking, because I just tell it like it is!" A veteran on stage, he is in control. As an entertainer and skillful guitar player, he is magnetic. "It's not what you play, it's how you play it and it's not what you say, it's how you say it." Filling the gap between Hank Jr. and Molly Hatchet, Jamie Lee's music, unfiltered, doesn't follow the country music rule of thumb. "You become what you listen to. I grew up listening to Lynrd Skynyrd, ZZ-Top, AC/DC, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, George Jones and Hank Jr. I've played pop, rock, country and Top 40 Music. The infusion of music that you listen to becomes you. No matter if it's an up-tempo rocker or a slower ballad, my music is a reflection of who I am." Jamie Lee can move you to turn a bottle of tequila upside down and join the party or sneak off to spend some time alone. . The solely produced project contains 11 co-writes with renowned song crafters and hit makers George Teren, Vip Vipperman, David Lee Murphy, Rivers Rutherford, Porter Howell, Tommy Conners and J. B. Rudd. "I didn't set out to make a sound. I just do what I do. There's nothing contrived. I just do my thing." His artistry is his lifestyle, not his fancy. Jamie Lee's sound is lived in. 'For years Jamie Lee Thurston has been a household name in Vermont and Upstate New York. Everyone who attends his shows knows all the words to all his songs. Jamie Lee Thurston is what Nashville needs! A kick but rocking country singer who records great and is even better live!' 'Jamie Lee Thurston and I have done dozens of shows together in Vermont andUp state New York. Every show is a party! Nashville could use some excitement instead of the same cookie cutter artists. With Jamie Lee you get boundless energy In every show. Jamie Lee can rock with the best of them but has great presence in delivering his ballad material. He is better than most stuff we play on the radio station! Dan Dubonet WOKO Burlington VT.


Artist: Jamie Lee Thurston
Title: I Just Wanna Do My Thing
Genre: Country
Release Date: 06/05/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 844553003763
This product is a special order
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