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We Called Ourselves Poets

We Called Ourselves Poets

  • By Jamisonpriest
  • Release 30/12/2003
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Note from Jamisonpriest - The message in each song is very important to us. We enjoy the performance, but the expression of the idea and the sharing of the story are most important and essential to our health. CD Review - We Called Ourselves Poets: 'We Called Ourselves Poets' includes twelve original songs and four covers. The vocals on this project are outstanding. All four members have great voices and ears for perfectly placed harmony. The instrumentation on this release is simple and ideal for enhancing the brilliance of each song. Highway One, the opening song, is a wistful description of a journey Ed took many, many years ago. Jenni's melody and harmony flow effortlessly and take you far away to the California coastline. Easy to Love (Both Hands Out) was co-written by Cole and Ed, but the inspiration for the song will, for now, remain a mystery. The lyrics for December were written by Marla, a college friend of Jenni's. For several years, it lingered as a poignant poem about coming of age for individuals and humanity as a whole, until Jenni picked it up one day and found an enchanting tune for it. Ed literally dreamed Three-Quarter Time into existence, and according to the band, it has become a staple in their live shows. Sun Valley's lyrics were inspired by a road trip Cole took with a friend in January 2003. Jenni put a tune to it, and a great upbeat nostalgic song was born. The CD title was taken from a line in this song. Written by Ed, You Could Fall in Love is a fun illustration of when and how people know that it's love. Coppery Creek was written by Dan, a good friend of the band, and is a beautiful expression of life-long love. Ed says I Don't Want to Love You Anymore is just another song about unrequited feelings, but it's far from just another song. It leaves a lasting impression for anyone who's ever been in love. Jubal was brought to the band by fellow musician and good friend, Greg. As you might guess, the song is about the first musician according to The Bible, and about how he may have used his music for peace, as all musicians wish they could. Independent is Ed's slightly satirical response to the common love song, including a gentle jab at the Nashville music establishment. Jenni wrote February 4th one day while at work. She was looking out the window on an overcast, quiet, cold, rainy day, and listening to a haunting Cheryl Wheeler song. It will take you through a relaxing, meditative course. Sunny Afternoon (Ray Davies; Unichappell Music, ABKCO Music) is one of Mark's favorite Kinks songs, and it shows. He sings from his heart. The Jamisonpriest rendition of Deportee (Woody Guthrie, Martin Hoffman; Ludlow Music) is magnificent, especially with the unexpected a cappella verse that precisely highlights the point of the song. Gordon Lightfoot's Ten Degrees and Getting Colder (Early Morning Music, a division of EMP Ltd.) clips along with enthusiasm in this delightful interpretation. Night Rider's Lament calls up memories of the Suzy Boggus version. However, the arrangement here is uniquely Jamisonpriest, and with the use of the cabasa and mellow vocals, the song sways like a gentle ride down a twilight trail. Holy Holy Holy is a highlight on the CD. With music written by Ed, and words taken from The Bible, this is a soaring presentation of a beautiful moment in Revelation, when all are joined in praising the Lord.


Artist: Jamisonpriest
Title: We Called Ourselves Poets
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 30/12/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 829757487328


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