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List of Wishes

List of Wishes

  • By Jane Gillman
  • Release 14/11/2006
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Jane Gillman was born in Washington DC, where the muddy waters of the Potomac flow and the political winds blow... She grew up observing the little details of life; one ear glued to the rock and roll stations on the transistor radio she bought at a Sinclair gas station. She inherited her brother's well worn Beatle albums, wore grooves in Bob Dylan's strummy songs; got her first guitar at twelve, the first of many harmonicas at 14. Every summer she rode the bus downtown to soak up the musical treasures the Smithsonian brought to the steamy lawns that stretched between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial - the Cajun Balfa Brothers; harmonica hero Sonny Terry with Brownie McGhee; Bill and Charlie Monroe - a real life encyclopedia of American roots. While still in high school Jane began performing solo at the Red Fox Inn, a club a mile from home. At 17 she moved to Austin, where she began to perform in bands - including the highly regarded Eaglebone Whistle - and writing songs, honing her own sound. Miles, albums, friends, stories later, Jane Gillman's songs have been covered by a number of artists, have appeared in film and musical theatre, and have touched hearts all around the world. Jane is proud to be one of a very few women Hohner harmonica endorsees. "You might think that Americana is a boys' club. Let singer/songwriter Jane Gillman change your mind. A little less twangy than her male counterparts, Gillman nevertheless offers a refreshingly feminine touch to the testosterone-ridden roots-rock movement." -Whisperin and Hollerin "List of Wishes is a mature, lovingly crafted record. The lovelorn 'My Impatient Heart' and 'Dream and Drive' represent country music at it's purest; absent of artificial gloss and obvious Top-40 touches, they welcome a time when country was not a genre that critics smirked at. Such vivid imagery is tragically uncommon among songwriters these days" - CD Reviews ...Jane Gillman displays diverse songwriting skills and extremely talented musicianship...Gillman's soprano vocals shade her straight from the heart compositions with emotional strength.' - Boston Globe Jane a remarkable writing and performing talent...She can rock and she can swing but she can also stop you in your tracks with a haunting melody.' -Kansas City Star.


Artist: Jane Gillman
Title: List of Wishes
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 14/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 750532974521


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