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Pillory/ The Battle

Pillory/ The Battle

  • By Jasun Martz
  • Release 01/02/2005
  • Music Genre Electronic
  • Media Format CD
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FEATURES THE 115-MEMBER INTERCONTINENTAL PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA. LOOK AT ALL THE INTERNATIONAL REVIEWS BELOW... WHOA!! THE BACKGROUND: When composer and keyboardist Jasun Martz was touring with FRANK ZAPPA on his 1977/78 world tour as Frank's synthesizer programmer, Martz was also composing a symphony- THE PILLORY. The avant-garde, contemporary classical, experimental, prog rock, mellotron masterpiece featured over 40 musicians including members of Zappa's band (RUTH UNDER WOOD, EDDIE JOBSON and others). The recording has been released on 4 different labels through the years and is considered a legendary release. In 2005, Martz finally completed his all new, follow-up major symphony THE PILLORY/THE BATTLE by The Intercontinental Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Choir. The 115 members of the orchestra recorded their parts on virtually every continent- in cities in every corner of the globe. Utilizing the highest quality 24-bit digital technology, Martz then imported, manipulated and mixed literally thousands and thousands of digital files to create the final work of music. The original cover art is a detail of a drawing created especially for The Pillory releases by French modern master JEAN DUBUFFET. THE MUSIC STYLE: DISC 1: 1. Soundscapes / Choir / Mellotron 2. Contemporary Classical / Orchestral 3. Tribal / Progressive 4. Anarchy / Freeform / Percussion 5. Mellotron / Celestial Pipe Organ 6. Ambient DISC 2: 7. Noise / Ambient/Soundscapes Jasun Martz is an American record producer, composer, musician, fine artist, creative director and sculptor who has worked on several #1 internationally best selling hit records but is probably best known for his contemporary classical symphonies. He has recorded with Michael Jackson (Bad and Dangerous), toured with Frank Zappa and helped arrange one of rock music's best selling hits: We Built this City by Starship. Also a renowned New York based painter and sculptor, Martz has lived in New York, Los Angeles and London and has created and exhibited 'raw expressionist' paintings and papier-mâché sculpture inspired by the subway passengers he encounters in each city. He collaborated with French modern master Jean Dubuffet (the founder of art brut) on Martz's critically acclaimed avant-garde/ contemporary classical symphony entitled The Pillory. "ESSENTIAL! Just about the coolest thing I've ever heard. It would be unfair to say 'this album is destined to become a classic'. It was a classic at the moment of it's release, and all I can say is a copy of this album is required in any library of experimental/avant prog or classical music. Essential! Easily one of the top 10 'progressive' releases for 2005, or perhaps of all time!" --Fred Trafton, New Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock -Editor's Choice 'MONUMENTAL! A work of great power and complexity. Absolutely an incredible tour de force!'--Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly, The Netherlands 'ASTOUNDING! The results of all this work are simply astounding. The two discs are full of excellent sonic textures and very unique musical ideas.'--Ffroyd,, USA "EXCEPTIONAL! One could write a book about this album, it's concept and it's inception. Jasun Martz is something else. I guess the word 'eclectic' was invented for an album such as this. There is a large dose of modern classical music and dark ambient, with real life orchestra... I consider part 3 (ethnic prog with a groove) and the church organ of part 5 as exceptional..." --Jurriaan Hage, Axiom of Choice, The Netherlands "A MASTERPIECE! 5 STARS. Great Mellotron/Orchestral work! Jasun Martz returned after 25 years with another masterpiece! The Pillory/The Battle it's better than The Pillory. With 115 musicians and 2 1/2 hours of great music, this is a masterpiece! Buy it and enjoy this piece of art and music!, Austria 'AMAZING! The Pillory/The Battle' is one of the most amazing albums I have heard in all my life. " --Roberto Lupercio, Rock Evolucion Radio, Mexico 'MAGNIFICENT! Wonderfully dark and brooding. If there was any justice in the world this album would be in the top 10.'--Mark Shreeve, Redshift, London, England "BRILLIANT! Absolutely brilliant, what an amazing genius work." --François Miron, Filmgrafix, Quebec, Canada 'INCREDIBLE! An EPIC work, ... intricate and varied and with astounding sound quality. My headphones were jumping off my head! incredibly articulate vision.'--B Ray, Chuncheon, Korea "ALBUM OF THE YEAR! The piece is been hailed as one of the greatest 20th-Century compositions. Fans of eclectic music will eat this up. There's everything from World, Progressive Rock, Industrial, Ambient, Classical and Mellotron washes woven together to create one cohesive piece over 2 full CDs! 'The Pillory/The Battle' is an easy contender for Album-of-the-Year. And, yet another masterpiece from Jasun."-- 'A MASTERPIECE! The Best Release of 2005 is here already! 25 Years after his first magnum opus-The Pillory, Jasun offers up this stunning double CD featuring 115 musicians and 2 1/2 hours of music. This group of musicians from around the world produce a sound that is amazing - filled w/ dense, rich mellotron, striking symphonic movements, powerful prog rock, dynamic ambient/industrial electronics, sacred choir and celestial keyboards. This album offers up the music of the future...composed now, by Jasun Martz!'--Archie Paterson,, USA "ONE OF THE MOST AWESOME ALBUMS OF THE LAST TWENTY YEARS! To say it is unique would be an understatement. It's incredible, holds your attention for the full duration, is a massive exercise in composition and structure, works from start to finish, and has to be one of the most awesome albums of the last twenty years in terms of it's scope and originality." --Andy Garibaldi, Dead Earnest, Scotland, UK "WILD! The piece is not for the faint of heart. The music is sometimes very wild!" --The New York Times "EPIC! For those attuned to the avant-garde side of things, the first disc represents an epic work" 'AMAZING! Martz, who is mostly known for his work with Michael Jackson and Frank Zappa, leaves rock far, far behind for this symphony of sound. The Pillory/The Battle is an amazing blend of music and sounds that will blow your mind (and your speakers clear across the room)!' --Mind & Music, New York "FEARLESS!" A modern soundtrack for the fearless mind!" --Rene Yedema, iO Magazine, The Netherlands 'GROUND BREAKING! The Pillory/The Battle' is an astounding symphony comprising elements of emotive beauty, brash, chaotic volume and moments of starkness. A historic recording. RECORD OF THE MONTH.', U.K. 'POWERFUL! Martz is one of the few composers of the post-everything age who understands how the orchestra can still be a vital tool for the digital composer. The haunting first movement evokes ancient Celtic landscapes: a sense of mystery and magic exudes from the dark and ominous melodies. The second movement (also colossal) opens in a chaotic and dissonant manner before a soaring march-like theme leads to a celestial choir of female voices lost in spacetime. Eventually it turns into the electronic equivalent of the crackling of a fire, rapidly escalating into a full-fledged volcanic eruption. Ranked #3 on The Best Rock Albums of 2005' --Piero Scaruffi, History of Rock Music 'EDITOR'S PICK! An amazing amalgamation of eclectic, experimental, contemporary classical, progressive, industrial, tribal and ambient featuring long and lush mellotron solos and harsh soundscapes on 2 CDs featuring over 100 musicians and 2 1/2 hours of music.', USA 'A GREAT ALBUM! Over 2 1/2 hours of music that will not only challenge your ears, but will allow you to explore new sonic worlds. Jasun is a master at using the music he's mixing together to create moods that you've never experienced before. You will be rewarded (and amazed) hugely if you listen carefully and let yourself be absorbed by the swirling textures and deep nuances contained in this musical tapestry. A GREAT album!'--Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazzation Nation, USA "ORIGINAL! An original work that deserves a listen."--Beppe Colli,, Italy "IF YOU LIKE ADVENTURE...TRY IT! For those who like contemporary classical music, this is really interesting and sometimes a real treat... If you like adventure, please go, and try it out..." --Prog-Resiste, Belgium "GIGANTIC! A gigantic monolith of sound, melody fragments, slow-acting tones floating and roaring, samples, long electronics fabrics, choir inserts, textless singing, keyboard walls, and noise that is every now and then very impressive, --Achim Breiling,, Germany 'GORGEOUS! Two discs filled with dense music made of striking symphonic movements, powerful prog rock, sacred choir and celestial keyboards, gorgeous mellotrons and on the entire second disc dynamic ambient/industrial textures with the help of electronics and use of the highest quality 24-bit digital technology, which stand for the huge last movement /battle.'--Pierre Tassone Music By Mail, Denmark "KILLER! Battle 3 lives up to it's subtitle of 'Tribal/Prog Rock', with some killer violin solo by Benedict Brydern, while the disc-long Battle 7 is possibly the best piece on the album, including a ten-minute plus solo organ part. The super-loud, distorted strings on Battle 1 (repeating on Battle 7) are excellent... '--Andy Thompson, Planet Mellotron, UK "ADVENTUROUS! A monumental journey. Very adventurous and with a stylistically range that knows no borders."--Kristian Selm. Progressive Newsletter, Germany "RIVETING! I got into Jasun's first release 'The Pillory', last year. It was everything the reviews had said: 'Brilliant', 'Stunning', etc. This new one (The Battle) I love even more. It's astounding, dynamic, challenging, riveting, impeccably produced, uncompromising, but never impenetrable. Once again, Jasun outdoes himself with his sublime mellotron work. One of the things that astounds me about this work is how FRESH it is. Exactly what is needed (and virtually absent) in music today. Buy!" -Ralph M. Chapman, Toronto, Ontario Canada "FACINATING! There is no denying that Martz is an extremely proficient composer and arranger. 'The Pillory/The Battle' is a record that cannot be brushed off as 'noise' or 'non-music', not least because the material is extremely thought-through, worked-through and carried through. It is so fascinating through being both raw and brutal and sophisticated at the same time, that I have constantly returned to it, not least in order to put on trial, established conceptions of how music is supposed to sound." -- Sven Eriksen, Tarkus Magazine, Sweden "ONE HELL OF A PROJECT! With a bigger cast than all the Lord Of The Rings films combined, this is one hell of a project! ...a wonderful aural journey of orchestral colours, moods and landscapes. ... there's really no let up in the pacing and I never expected, to be honest, to be held captive. Frighteningly realistic soundscapes with intensely beautiful orchestrations. I can't recommend this fantastic outing enough. Nuff said." Dave W Hughes, modern-dance, UK About the Artist: Millions have heard the work of New York based producer, musician and composer JASUN MARTZ. He has recorded with MICHAEL JACKSON (his keyboard virtuosity on 'Black or White' appears on five of Jackson's multi-gold &platinum CDs), toured with FRANK ZAPPA and THE FAR EAST FAMILY BAND and helped arrange STARSHIP'S #1 hit 'We Built This City on Rock and Roll' with Grammy® winning producer BILL BOTTRELL (Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynn). Martz is also a contemporary artist and is renowned for his raw expressionist paintings and papier-mâché sculptures of subway passengers painted in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London. His artwork and sculpture can be seen at About the Orchestra: The Intercontinental Philharmonic Orchestra and Royal Intercontinental Choir is an international consortium of avant-garde, contemporary classical, rock, industrial, experimental and non-musicians with the common goal of 'making a lot of racket.' Assembled and led by Jasun Martz, the 115 members of the orchestra recorded their parts for The Pillory/The Battle on virtually every continent- in cities in every corner of the globe. Utilizing the highest quality 24-bit digital technology, Martz then imported, manipulated and mixed literally thousands of digital files to create the final work of music. The original cover art is a detail of a drawing created especially for The Pillory releases by French modern master JEAN DUBUFFET.


Artist: Jasun Martz
Title: Pillory/ The Battle
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 01/02/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 883629143002
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