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Crank Me Up

Crank Me Up

(Duplicated CD)
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Jay Bone tha youngsavioso aka Jayson was born in South San Francisco,Ca in 1977. He is thirty years old. He now resides in Salt Lake City,Utah. Tha Youngsavioso has been doing music since 2003. He was buying music equipment from Guitar Center when he met Ty Rolle of Poetic Productions an Engineer. JayBone would record several songs there. He got his start in a karaoke bar in Bountiful, Utah 'The Fifth Amendant' with the help of Dj Mark. Where Jay bone Tha Youngsavioso was allowed to perform a couple of times. He then made a starter CD called 'Been There Done That' with five songs wit another hit song 'Tow Up', and sold over 250 cds from his car, on tha bus, and on foot. He had consignment deals wit the local stores, Grawhale CD Exchange, and Uprok Records. Uprok records ask Jay Bone to come and perform with sum of the locals in 2003. That year he was a nobody but at the same time a somebody, because people liked his personality. Jay bone was at Uprok Records, looking at how people there was promoting there shows and selling there product wit fliers, the whole place had a positive attidude, jay bone was inspired. Jay bone started reading music books , at the same time looking for new beats composed by other's. Jay bone is dedicated and was looking for people that was also. One year had passed and now Jay Bone would get the help thru the internet with in 2005. That same year at Liberty Park was a location held and sponsored by Uprok Records for Utah Local Rap Artist. Jay bone was there passin out business cards and selling his Cds, even gave away some for free. Jay Bone has People Skills and a good personality people like his energy he has. Jay Bone has been meeting a lot of good people and people who looks at him to take charge. People Like the was he sounds rather it's written or freestyle flowing he flows. Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso was staying in Glendale, Utah at Eagles Landing Apartments , where he was surrounded by talent and money. You Can go over there and ask for T.O or Jay Bone. He had a seven eleven store around the way. There Jay Bone was respected by the owners, employees, and customers. He is respected so much that he is allowed to leave his business cards and fliers of his show of the day of the event. The talent around relize what Jaybone is doin and wants to work with him. Tha Youngsavioso lived next door from Maria aka Queen of Supa Dupa Hyphy Promtions (now) . He then met anotha artist named Nesto Rich from Seattle in the apartments. Nesto introduce JayBone to Jevon aka J~Skitz. Who made beats, a month later J~Skitz moved in the apartments. Jay Bone seen he had something goin own wit them. Jay Bone had a lot of people at this time that wanted to calibrate with him as a artist. The fact they have beats now, other people in the apartments wanted to get involved now as well, jay bone used wise words to get people motivated. Jay~Bone then had put his music on myspace where hundreds got to listen. His voice caught a young producers attention Zach Chapman aka Q the 24th. Zach e-mailed jay bone a note on myspace for jay to check out some beats he has on mypace.Tha Youngsavioso Jay Bone did indeed like what he was hearing from the producer. For some reason it happened at the rite time for new sound because J-Skitz moved back to Maryland. Jay Bone had released his EP called ' Crank Me Up', he more like gave away his EP to three hundred plus and sold over fifty CD's in Utah Only. Jay Bone was workin a couple of projects. His new album he working with titled 'Long Ova Due' and a mixtape untitled. The producer Zach made some hot beats for Tha Youngsavioso Jay Bone to name a few ' Big Girls Need Luv Too', It's Friday Night', Mission To Please U', Snatching Dreams, and 'Do it Now', featuring artist as Nesto Rich, Chris Morley, and Bully. The snow in Utah didn't stop Jay Bone from having shows and making his moves to promote. The Middle of the year of 2006 Jay Bone was blowing up with his hot single song 'It's Friday Night'. His song was played on the radio station KRCL 90.9 fm at the end of October thru now as we speak. Jay Bone left Utah to spend time with his family in California. Where at the time his promoter set Jay Bone up with a show In Oakland,Ca with some of the hottest rappers in the Bay Area. Jay Bone was noticed by some important people who sent him msg's on myspace from his business cards. One month after Jay Bone was asked to go on tour with some California Rappers in the Northeren Part of California. The tour started in San Francisco and was post to end up in Sacramento, Ca. After the first show on tour, it was cancelled due to other artist not following directions. Jay Bone would stay in touch with some important people on myspace. By his personality and dedication to his music, a group of artist was formed as Global Gorillaz from Utah and Kansas. They asked for Jay Bone to Join the group. JayBone had moved back to Utah to join his new group. When the Utahans found out Jay Bone was back in Utah he was asked to perform at several venues and come down to the radio station three Fridays in a row to KRCL 90.9. The Group didn't last, it wasn't Jay bone's fault, there wasn't dedicated people in the group, Jay Bone would move on to continue to look for a opportunity with others in Utah. That's when Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso found Digichron doing shows and wanted to invite Jay Bone to join there shows at different venues. Digichron provided the sound and lights. Jay Bone would help assist the crew with setting up for the shows. They would perform at bars, clubs, and even did two house parties. Jay Bone is a solo artist at the time and would do his promotion with using myspace, and digichron would help on the streets as well as Jay Bone, that led to sixty five people or more at the shows.Jay Bone Like no other artist wanted more to attend. Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso has goals he wants to accomplish such as performing in Germany, London, New York, and Chicago. He has more goals as well as his music getting airplay from other popular radio stations, and get the people across the world to know who he is. He recently had a meeting with one radio station in Utah U92.5 with the director and staff, the first minute in a half they was smiling, and loving what Jay Bone has to offer there Radio station and there listeners. They agreed to play his song 'It's Friday Night' on there mix show ' Crunk it , or Junk it'in December. The People in Utah would be able to hear his hot song ,they like it they crunk it, they don't like the song they Junk it. Jay Bone is slowly accomplishing his goals, he has a good start with his achievements so far. Jay Bone has a list of places he has performed . Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso has performed in several Utah venues in 2003, they are: 'The Fifth Amendant' in Bountiful: 'Club Natlies' downtown SLC,Ut : 'Uprok Records' dtwn SLC,Ut : 'The UnderGround Coffee' dtwn SlC,Ut : and Manhattans dtwn SLC,Ut. In the year 2006 Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso has performed at these locations once again all in Utah they are : Club Manhattans (Tuesday night hyphy night) The Front Row, The Filling Station, Club Mixed Emotions, again at the Filling station several more times that year, and Club Monks to finish the year. The next year In the Month of January Jay Bone moved back to California performing at Club 17 in Oakland,Ca, Club Hide in San Francisco,Ca Jay Bone would return back to Utah In July of 2007 and perform again at 'Club Mixed Emotions', did a House Party in Taylorville,Utah called 'Up N Smoke', 'Mo's Bar and Grill', he would then perform again at 'Club Mixed Emotions', He did three Fridays at the 'Hideway', Digichron presented Jaybone at a Halloween House Party, his next show will b held on the 16th of Nov at 'Club Mixed Emotions' May we wish Jay Bone Tha Youngsavioso the best of luck with career in music.


Artist: Jay Bones Tha Youngsavioso
Title: Crank Me Up
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 09/09/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479880087


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