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  • By Jay Wayne
  • Release 30/12/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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'Red' crackles with energy and passion. Each song is a perfect pop package: danceable, memorable, and radio-ready. As a showcase of Jay Wayne's songwriting and producing talents, this album is a real standout. RED LINER NOTES BY JAY WAYNE: RED was my power color during the 1980s and most of the impressions I carry with me about RED today were developed during that decade. So it was inevitable that one day I would pay my respects to this color through my art. In the case of this project it's through music and an oil painting also entitled RED. RED was everywhere in the 1980s and I was a young man just getting out into the nightlife. Let's face it RED is a sexually charged color and so I associate RED with all those sexually charged times. In case you didn't have the pleasure of being a part of that magical era and scene here's my RED snapshot: Costello sang about his RED shoes. We saw the Romantics wearing RED leather suits, Cyndi Lauper's hair was RED, and don't forget that guy in the Thompson Twins, Molly Ringwald, and Simply RED. Hagar put out his RED song and album, there were RED guitars and spandex clothes on every rock stage, there was (and still is today) the fragrance RED that drove us crazy when women wore it. During the Cold War 'the enemy' was RED so there seemed to be a danger to RED and therefore a defiance in the act of wearing it. There was the RED ZZ roadster and those sexy RED spiked high-heels chicks would wear to go out. Of course, yours truly was fully taken with RED. I had RED shoes, a RED leather suit, a RED thin tie and I sported a big RED pompadour. Saturday nights, rocking out on stage, were the best of my RED-hot times. Those gigs were smack in the middle of my 1980s. Many of the cuts on this CD were written during that time. As you listen you'll understand that whereas my last CD, Dark Blue, dwelt mainly on love's sorrows and losses, RED tends more toward the sexy side of the cycle. But of course, and because it's me, there are still some problems and angst found within the story line. That's what even the RED hottest romances of youth had to contend with. RED imparts lust with longing, heat amid haggling, and sex with sardonicism. However, RED at least let's you win a couple of times, and so you get all the good love and RED-hot passion together, sans pain. Yes, perhaps there is someone, the right one, out there for each of us if we search long enough and patiently enough. So what better way to pay tribute to RED than to share a cross-section of what I consider to be my RED songs? I hope you enjoy listening to them.


Artist: Jay Wayne
Title: Red
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 30/12/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 618608108525


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