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Morning Pages

Morning Pages

  • By Jed Curran
  • Release 12/02/2008
  • Music Genre Country
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

One of my least favorite things to do is write about myself in a promotional sort of way. I'd much rather reveal the intimate details of my life hidden behind the cover of three or four chords and some form of melody line. I can however tell you this much about myself. I fell in love with music at a very early age. My first guitar memory is watching my uncle Chuck open a christmas present from his wife. It was a blonde 56 Telecaster. It took my breath away at the age of six. I've been around music in one way or another ever since. I've had that very same guitar on an extended loan and used it on a cut of my first solo CD called 'Morning Pages'. I wrote my first meaningful song after the breakup of my first marriage and the second meaningful song after the passing of my mother some 15 years later. It was through these experiences I discovered the wonderful therapeutic healing powers of song writing. I sent one of my songs to a friend in Nashville, Bat McGrath and recieved some great inspiration and encouragement from him to 'keep writing'. Well I took that advice and contnued to write. I feel that the songs I have recently recorded are of value and worthwhile. I also feel that as long as I keep writing and keep my heart open that my best work is in front of me. I write about the things in my life that move me. I write in a storytelling kind of style. I beleive that there is a thin line that seperates the mundane from the profound and that the two things which erase that line are Heart, and Attidude. I look forward to networking and meeting other writers through the magic of this technology. I would also invite anyone coming through Rochester to check out an open mic night that I host every Thursday night along with my musical partner Jeff Riales. It's held at 'The Flipside Bar and Grill' 2001 E. Main Street Rochester NY. Stop in I'll buy you a pint and set you up with a 'mini set'. Oh yeah and as Mark Twain once said 'if I had more time I would have made this shorter'. PEACE Jed More to see on the backroads Jeff Spevak Staff music critic If you're wondering where Jed Curran is coming from, I'd say 1967. 'We grew our hair down to our shoulders, smoked that hooch out in the fields,' he confesses on 'Hello Joe.' 'Yeah, that would be accurate,' he says of that hippie sensibility. 'The summer I graduated from high school, I went to Woodstock.' With his graying hair, counterculture take on life and voice that aches like an old gate, Curran is the Kris Kristofferson of the Flipside on Thursdays, and on Dec. 8 as well, when he celebrates the release of his new album, Morning Pages. Curran is co-host, along with Jeff Riales, of the Flipside Bar & Grill's Thursday night open jams. Not surprisingly, quite a few of the regulars there turn up on Morning Pages: Riales, angel-voiced Connie Deming, Steve Piper on harmony vocals and drummer Jimmy McAveny. And a handful of others from that tight, folksy scene, including the Dady Brothers, pedal-steel guitarist Al Keltz and pianist Charles Jaffe. For sure, the 56-year-old Curran draws a bit on days gone by. He comes of age on 'Pennies on the Tracks,' a simple act (although one whose power has been robbed by inflation). He's a sage who muses, 'I've found out that thinkin' too much is a good way to get out of touch,' and can get a little sentimental. But on 'My Old Friend,' if you'd had to put your old friend down recently, as I have, that line about how your dog trusted you on that last car ride rips your heart out. 'Ain't it funny dog is god spelled backwards,' indeed. And there's social truth in 'No Time For the Backroads,' as Curran laments Wal-Mart crushing the small businessman, and jobs going to China. 'Seems like they're makin' this whole country look the same,' Curran sings. 'There's no time for the backroads, it's all just one interstate. ... Remember Norman Rockwell? He don't live here anymore.' That goes for the music, too. 'Seems like they're making all our music sound the same,' he adds. 'Remember Hank Williams? He don't sing here anymore.' Well, they still do at the Flipside. And with humor. On 'James Brown,' sharing funky electric guitar with Dan Schmitt, Curran recalls being a 13-year-old going with a cousin to see the Godfather of Soul. 'Everybody was black and proud,' he sings, riffing off Brown's words. 'And I felt good. Little bit white, though.' Jed, WOW...Fantastic is all I can say about your new CD 'Morning Pages'...Your songs are like 'novels', telling a story that paint a picture with words... Your song writing is just great work..I really love your vocals, they have that down home sound and really make the songs messages REAL. The backup musicians sounded great and give your songs just the right amount of depth to enhance the tunes...The production and recording is stellar, and the final mix is great... So far, I've only had a chance to listen to the whole CD once, but I'm going to take it with me in the car (the only place where I can really listen intently to the songs... I played 'First Time I Saw Her' for my wife and she thought it was one of the best songs she's ever heard (she wanted to take the CD with her, but I'm no fool, I'd never see it again)...LOL...You're truly a gifted writer and your songs are so down to earth, and your vocals have just the right quality to give the songs that added little boost that only people who write the songs can put into it (if you know what I mean), they make it so personal... Just wanted you to know, that your CD will be treasured here, and I hope lots of other people will get a chance to hear your tunes. Richard.


Artist: Jed Curran
Title: Morning Pages
Genre: Country
Release Date: 12/02/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 843310021422


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