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Permanent Vocation

Permanent Vocation

  • By Jeffrey Alan
  • Release 02/03/2004
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Sunny Monday morning, 9:00 AM and the bags are packed, words of the world on hold, the truth at hand... 'Where you going, my friend? How about a Permanent Vocation?' Announcing... With honest intention and a faith inspired wind of direction, Ohio Valley resident Jeffrey Alan (Nowak) sets sail on his spiritual journey with his debut CD effort, 'Permanent Vocation.' PV is a collection of original song selections varying in style diversity, deriving from a lifetime of influences, but maturely rooted with an adult contemporary approach. 'I did not necessarily try to stay inside the borders of a particular music category, but instead I let the messages I conveyed direct the emotion desired; to place the listener within the song. I believe this treatment provides a more complete relationship and experience for the observer,' Jeff says. More song title specific, the tracks on PV range from the upbeat grooves of 'De'Colores', calling all out to do their thing with pride and to the best of their ability, progressing toward a somber reflection of our responsibility to live a life of compassion and sharing suffering - creatively expressed through 'Mother's Day.' Musical Ministry 'Not that I am any different or above the next person, but I feel like I have been blessed with a prophetic understanding, and I simply would like to be an example to others through sharing gifts, experience and a wealth of information. I do not hope to be perceived as an alternative to any recognized, organized religion. I was raised and practice Catholicism, but to others who have a difficult time understanding the divisions and hope to become a better believer in following their faith - maybe I can be a bridge to motivate them between their current situation and a life they can love, through obstacle and victory. It's a personal choice.' Mission 'The song which is the most definitive signature of all my work in general would be 'Discover.' Here, people are called out to consider a different possibility of personal character in their day-to-day lives. If we just believe and submit to the power of the Lord, who is greater than we could ever try to be, all the direction we need in life is contained right there within the Living Words. Through my early 30's, I've come to realize; although our lives are filled with a constant divine presence, we often limit our understanding or experience to the confines of the Sunday service. Maybe we could seek out honest heartfelt personal interpretation and consider our church every moment of our daily efforts; acting morally and responsibly, seeking and following as a true Christian.' Bringing 'Permanent Vocation' to Life 'Although I hope to pave an avenue for many individuals to lift their gifts in my future projects, for the CD I solely relied on Ohio Valley local establishments; 'Innovation Studios' and 'Long Vue Digital' with the much more than obvious blessed gifts of their proprietors Mike Ofca and Jamie Peck, in respective order. My brother John and I, along with numerous other talented individuals have performed together through a life of several musical endeavors, so I'm sure our harmonies will continue to unite and influence and inspire each other throughout our days. Right now, I hope to be just laying framework upon a faith-filled foundation which many will help to complete.' Where to begin... 'Through this initial adventure, I hope to establish a name with which others can consider a middle ground between themselves and a voice in which they will to speak. Not as much a celebrity, but a 'brand' to the world under God's Providence. First, the messages will be available as music, but I wish to expand into a message of multi-media (for myself and others) so we can all be courageous about testifying to our belief. The active plan is to take the material live to promote the release and messages of 'Permanent Vocation.' 'To humble my desires, I will to do where God may lead. Although I drive ambitiously through perseverance with patience, I will try best to consider it my permanent vocation to apply the messages and actions of our Savior, Jesus Christ to my every-day life.' - 'While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.' (John 9:5)


Artist: Jeffrey Alan
Title: Permanent Vocation
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 02/03/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 673885036725


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