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  • By JFK Groovelab
  • Release 27/12/2005
  • Music Genre Rap/Hip Hop
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

ALL PROCEEDS FROM THE SALE OF THIS CD GO TO FUND THE GROOVELAB PROGRAM AT JOHN F. KENNEDY MIDDLE SCHOOL IN RIVIERA BEACH, FLORIDA. JFK Groovelab started as a grand experiment. A 7th grade science teacher started an after-school program to encourage and motivate students to become more academically successful. It worked! This CD was the product of that special group of students. It is very much like lightning captured in a bottle. The students created their own music in a school computer lab from professional loops. They wrote their own lyrics and performed their own compositions. The music is amazing - the lyrical content creative and fresh - the resulting CD is truly inspirational. Even without profanity, the 'N' word or talk about guns, the kids managed to create fresh sounds with real content. Vanessa Chery (Vava) was an outstanding contributor to this project. Check Out her beautiful vocals, particularly #16, 'Because I Love You'. This young vocalist wrote this song, music & lyrics. It was her first time singing in front of a microphone, and this was her first take. The emotion captured here will give you goosebumps! VaVa also wrote & sang #1 - 'Work Hard' (with Nicole Coleman (Teisha)), #5 - 'Why Do I Love You So Much' and #12 - 'You know You Wanna Talk To Me'. She also contributed background vocals to #2 - 'Come On'. Jamal Fleming (JayFleece) was our most prolific beat maker. He created a real masterpiece, #8 - 'Late Night Party' - definitely a favorite of most of the kids on our school campus. He also wrote & performed #4 - 'S.S.Step up', and contributed verses to several other songs. Bernard Pringle (Young-D) has a very distinctive & melodic rap style. He contributed several great songs to this album, including the very popular 'Come On' (#2), 'Resonate (#3), 'Til Dat Day' (#7) and 'Resonate II' (#15). He also contributed verses on several other songs. Herman Shipp Jr. (Kay-J) contributed three great songs to the CD. 'Steal Sound' (#9), 'Luv Child' (#11) and 'Night-mair' (#13) demonstrate the considerable talent of this young artist. Marcus Randolph (Kut) and Antrinette Lee combined their talent to create 'She Left Me' (#3). This song is so catchy you will be hard-pressed to stop the hook from replaying in your mind long after the CD has stopped. Nicole Coleman (Teisha) wrote and performed two inspired cuts for this CD. 'Lost or Found' (#10) and 'Cloud Nine' (#14) are brutally honest raps from an incredibly sensitive young artist. Michael Garland (Mike G) and Biennot Maurice Jr. (Reece) contributed verses on several songs. Together, this fabulous group of young artists have made an incredible gem of a CD. Their talents as songwriters and performers cannot be overstated. Finally, an entire CD filled with urban music & rap doesn't take the low road. This CD is safe for children of all ages, and sophisticated enough for the rest of us. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed! Check it out, and buy your copy today!


Artist: JFK Groovelab
Title: Raw
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 27/12/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479226465


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