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In Tempo

In Tempo

  • By Joakim Zelmerl w
  • Release 05/12/2006
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.47

Product Notes

In Tempo - the CD The album "In Tempo" contains music by the German baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach, the German baroque lute player Silvius Leopold Weiss and the Spanish 19th century guitar virtuoso and composer Fernando Sor. It also features new music for classical guitar by Joakim Zelmerlööw, composed in the style of both modern and traditional classical music. Being an ENHANCED album, it also features some bonus material. About Joakim Zelmerlööw Active classical guitarist, writer and composer but also involved in other projects as a musician, producer and recording engineer. 'In Tempo' is his 100 % self produced debut album. In the period 1997 through 2005 he devoted himself to private research within ergonomics, psychology and guitar technique, which laid the foundation for a different kind of guitar technique dealing with the physical and psychological bond between the player and the instrument. The research resulted in the much appreciated Swedish publication "Ergonomisk gitarrteknik" (Ergonomic guitar technique), released in Sweden in November 2005. In 2009 he released his second book dealing with guitar technique and ergonomics, 'Ergonomic guitar technique'. This book was written in English and comprises fifteen chapters divided into three main parts; psychology, ergonomics and technique, covering most aspects related to ergonomic problems during playing. Stated opinions about Joakim Zelmerlööw: "Sweden's Zelmerloow isn't just a classical guitarist--he's an ergonomist, too. Perhaps the artist's study of the physical bond between player and instrument explains his remarkably limber style, which renders highly technical classical pieces without a trace of the common stiffness." -- Cnet MUSIC 'Joakim possesses both a remarkable power of portrayal and a remarkable lightness in his playing.' -- Per-Olof Hedlund, The Music Conservatory of Falun, Sweden 'His music for the guitar is very idiomatical, amazingly harmonious and composed according to the principles of classical music, but also written in a modern style.' -- Kristian Buhl-Mortensen, Composer and guitarist, Copenhagen 'Joakim Zelmerloow is an unusually talented guitarist that has a profound understanding of the classical guitar and it's means of expression. Furthermore he has a pronounced feeling for the elements of sonority. Joakim Zelmerloow shows clearly in his compositions for guitar that he possesses a musical personality and character, and manages to take the special universe of the classical guitar into consideration.' -- Ingolf Olsen, Associate professor of guitar, The Royal Danish Music Conservatory, Denmark Recent official reviews of the album 'In Tempo...': "...More restless minds should acquaint themselves with the slightly more than 70 minutes of curative peace spread by the guitar playing of Joakim Zelmerlööw." -- Stockholms Fria Tidning | January 20, 2007 "...Zelmerlööws guitar playing is harmonious but also searching. To the sound of these strings one can discover a kind of peace of mind. It is meditative, unobtrusive yet amazingly temperamental and unusual." -- Dalademokraten | January 23, 2007 "The young guitar maestro Joakim Zelmerlööw illuminates the winter darkness with his new album, where he opens up by interpreting works of Bach, Weiss and Sor with utmost refinement - elegance and a formidable dynamic control sounds from every phrase. Three shorter pieces by the composer Zelmerlööw is the most interesting part of the album. They are beautiful and brilliant creations in a style influenced by romanticism and baroque. A future classic is without a doubt the suite Capricci Dinamarca. Just fancy: here is a contemporary composer that produces captivating melodies and beautifully sounding harmonies!" -- Dag Lundin | Eskilstuna Kuriren | February 7, 2007.


Title: In Tempo
Release Date: 05/12/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479387678
Item #: SRD938767
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