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Piano Face

Piano Face

  • By John Autin
  • Release 03/08/2004
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

For Years John Autin has been one of New Orleans finest pianists playing or recording with Luther Kent, Marva Wright, Snooks Eaglin, Ernie K. Doe, Tommy Ridgley, Oliver Morgan, Irma Thomas, Eddie Bo, George Porter, Jr., Anders Osborne, Nora Wixted, Timothea, Grace Darling, Brian Lee, Wanda Rousin, Al Miller, Jeff Chaz, Theresa Andersson, Big Daddy 'O', Irene Sage, and others. John has also produced CD's for many of these artists and others on the Rabadash Records label. In 1999, John decided to focus on himself as an artist. Starting with solo piano gigs, and forming the trio 'The Autin Packing Co.,' John soon landed a spot at the prestigious Pat O'Briens, the most high profile piano gig in New Orleans. Playing to thousands of happy patrons every week, John became a favorite among the many regulars at the club. With the release of his 'Piano Face' CD John was soon snatched up for the Carousel Bar in the Monteleone Hotel the French Quarter. This premier piano spot in New Orleans and the occasional gig with Autin Packing Co. is not all John is doing. He still finds time to play with his buddy Big Daddy 'O' on a regular basis. With all this activity you'd think Autin would have enough on his plate, but he has still found time to work on numerous other recording sessions as well as his masters degree in Jazz studies at the University of New Orleans. 'Piano Face' features his keyboard playing and singing with Drums, Bass and Tuba. Tracks were cut with New Orleans musical luminaries Johnny Vidocovitch and Matt Perrine. Other tracks are complete with the members of Autin Packing Co. Greg Finsley and Jay Drongé. John has written several songs for the CD along with songs by Anders Osborne, Jay Griggs, Nora Wixted, Doug Duffey, and James Autin. The CD covers several of the styles John plays, including Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz and Pop.


Artist: John Autin
Title: Piano Face
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 03/08/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 801817001521
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