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Here It Is

Here It Is

  • By John McKone
  • Release 19/09/2000
  • Music Genre Classical Artists
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

WINNER!!! - 2001 SOLO INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR (Just Plain Folks International Music Awards) It all started in a 300 - watt rock band in the farm country of Northeast Iowa... That's where John McKone first developed his interest in the guitar and his life-long passion for making music. After kicking around in college with a series of majors that ranged from biomedical engineering to philosophy, John (finally) settled on the study of music and went on to get his Masters degree in composition and theory from the University of Minnesota. Along with his formal education, John played the role of musical journeyman - performing in bars and concerts halls on guitar, trombone, keyboards, and even drums on one memorable (but probably best forgotten) occasion. Since then, John has applied his compositional and arranging skills to projects ranging from straight-ahead pop to jazz big band, as well as scores for movies and computer games . He has also produced several well - received classical compositions - although some might say that a suite for bricked piano, brass and children's plastic pool with watering can wouldn't be classified as 'serious' classical music. In recent years, John has returned to his first love: the guitar. He has also stepped out of the shadows of the Minnesota music scene to release his award-winning debut solo acoustic guitar CD, 'Here It Is.' Continuing his trademark of thoroughly exploring every angle of a new project, John recorded 'Here It Is' on a guitar that he built himself. A pre-release version of 'Here It Is' was named a finalist of the 2000 Musicians Atlas Music awards. The CD has also just been named 2001 Solo Instrumental Album of the year and the title track received 2nd place in the Solo Instrumental Song of the Year categories in the Just Plain Folks Music awards - the largest music awards program in the world, with over 2,400 album entries and more than 12,000 song entries. 'Here It Is' has been getting airplay throughout the US and Europe, including a coveted spot on the Minnesota Public Radio Morning Show - one of the most listened to programs of acoustic music in the country. In early 2002, John will start work on his second CD. Given his diverse background and many talents, it's hard to predict what he'll come up with. One thing's for sure though: it will be worth listening to. Some quotes: 'I love it. It's technically amazing, but also very RAW in a way. You can hear [McKone's] fingers hammering the fretboard. It's not just some sonic wash of new age sound. It really sounds like someone playing guitar.' - Derek Sivers, CDbaby 'I selected all tracks, because every song is strong enough to be played and heard. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to play your music on my show! -Ray Elly, DJ Radio Milo 103.1 FM, Belgium 'One would imagine that lovingly constructing an instrument and nurturing a song along both would require the skills that McKone sonically brandishes on this disc: creative inspiration, patience, sensitivity, attention to detail and a willingness to go out on a limb for no guaranteed returns. He has to be proud of 'Here It Is' ...Look for this Renaissance Man's music to ripen into a world-class grade.' - Alan Fark, Minor7th Magazine.


Artist: John McKone
Title: Here It Is
Genre: Classical Artists
Release Date: 19/09/2000
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479635922


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