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I Bid You Welcome 1

I Bid You Welcome 1

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Produced, engineered and mixed by - All music, arrangements and lyrics written by - All Instruments and Vocals performed by Joe Malgeri. --------------- 'I Bid You Welcome'- Part One (C.D. Total Time: 72:57) ----------------- For some listeners, if you are using AOL, the MP3 sound clips may sound better if you were to use Internet Explorer. ----------------- I enjoyed 'I Bid You Welcome' immensely. 'M.D.' and 'Mathematics Teacher' are fantastic; and from 'It's Better Too Late' to the end of the disc is some smokin' stuff. My favorite movie - Dracula - 'I Bid You Welcome!' I know this isn't a review per se, just my instant reactions; and I had a blast listening. It's fairly different than almost anything in my collection. I wouldn't mind having some of your other CDs; but obviously no rush whatsoever; and if I can return the favor by burning you anything from my collection I am happy to oblige. I love the song "M.D.," among others it is standout. I don't have too many organized events like Chuck used too; but you are always welcome and if I do have a party I'll let you know, and if you're in the hood, feel free to call and stop in, later. Best, Rich Galuppo ----------------- That's some pretty wild shit, man!! Some of it I REALLY liked - very Zappa - especially liked 'Mathematics Teacher,' and the one just before it - 'Companyman.' I read the 'Back In Time' review and it was excellent - I couldn't have stated it better myself. I liked the term 'quirky' which he used to describe your creativity. It was Buster who, two weeks ago when we were driving around listening to your CD's mentioned 'Captain Beefheart' - as he saw the influence there. All in all, so far, very respectable, avant-guard and creative. Monk is quite a connoisseur of music and has an incredible collection of rock and blues. His compliment is very valuable. When you get ready with the music thing, give me a call. I would be proud and honored to contribute to your next CD in any way I can. Look forward to hearing back from you, hopefully I'll see you in a week at Chuck's. If not, soon thereafter. Cliff ----------------- Thanks Joe; Glad to be of help! I only had time to hear the 1st 4 tracks. So far I like 'I Cheated Myself.' Very ambitious package, but humbler, more pets and thanks to who you admire. You kind of have this psychedelic mysticism that's going on. Is this all from your own head or do you study any kind of practices or beliefs? I am looking forward to your next CD. Thanks again, XXXX Billy M ----------------- On Monday 4-25-05 the song entitled 'M.D.' made it to #1 on the Internet Radio Station N.A.R. (New Artist Radio).


Artist: Joseph A. Malgeri
Title: I Bid You Welcome 1
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 07/06/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479139390


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