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Let My Desires Sing

Let My Desires Sing

  • By Josh Houde
  • Release 25/03/2008
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Born and raised in southern Maine, Josh Houde began playing guitar near the beginning of high school to lead music for a youth prayer meeting. Almost as soon as he began playing, he also began composing. In the beginning, there were many episodes of completing a song, being very proud of it, and then realizing that it was basically the same tune as some song he had heard on the radio. Oh well-it's got to start somewhere. Eventually, however, he developed a number of original songs, and many of them made it onto this debut album. This album emerged from a number of personal experiences-some awkward, most spiritual, and all deserving of a song. Participating in music ministry at Franciscan University of Steubenville (2003-2007) and putting music to the psalms at Mass was a key contributing factor to Josh's musical development. When a complete stranger heard Josh playing during a summer conference in Steubenville and gave him $500 towards recording a CD, Josh leapt at the opportunity, and spent several weeks of August, 2007 in the recording studio. The resulting project, "Let My Desires Sing," features a wide variety of styles-passionate rock, heartfelt worship, and biblical humor. If there is one phrase to capture the album, it might be "heartfelt passion"-expressing itself in a variety of ways. You can check out the ever-popular music video of "The Awkward Song" for yourself at by searching "Josh Houde." WHAT FANS ARE SAYING ... 'Josh Houde is the next Matt Maher. His music has brought me out of darkness and allowed me to praise God in a new and beautiful way. His music truly is Sacred.' --A fan from North Carolina 'Each time I listen to Josh's songs I am moved by his passion in what he believes. Brilliant music with prayerful lyrics that soften my heart and draw me ever closer to my Savior.' --Anna from New Jersey 'Josh's music is really awesome and extremely inspirational. I feel like each song lights a fire in my heart that makes me proud to be Catholic and able to praise God through this incredible music.' --A fan from New Jersey 'Josh's lyrics and music provide me with the words and emotions to praise God when I can't seem to come up with my own. His deep faith for our Lord shines through this gift that God has given him and is an inspiration for all of us. I can truly open my heart and truly feel the presence of Jesus through his gift' --Maria from New Jersey.


Artist: Josh Houde
Title: Let My Desires Sing
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 25/03/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 796873043175


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