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Being Cancer Free

Being Cancer Free

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One day they were walking around thinking they were perfectly healthy. They were living life, working hard, playing hard and having fun just like other 30-year-olds. Their whole lives were ahead of them with nothing in the way. Same stuff different day. Joyce and Kevin were working to pay bills, traveling, and going out with friends. Joyce was at the top of her career. She had a successful 14-year career on Wall Street where she ran a $2 billion business. They were just doing life, not feeling any strong purpose other than their careers, family and friendships, just pushing along. That's when it hit them. Kevin had a brain aneurysm, three strokes and was paralyzed. He was 31. A year later, Joyce was pregnant and the doctors thought their baby had spina bifida and wanted them to abort. A year after that, when the couple's baby was 8 months old, Joyce was diagnosed with cancer. She was 33. Joyce had a mastectomy and went through chemotherapy. As a result of the cancer, she lost her job, life insurance, disability insurance and health insurance. A year after that her husband was diagnosed with advanced aggressive cancer with only a 20-30 percent chance of survival. It was likely that he was going to die. Then the worst news of all hit them like a tidal wave: Joyce was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and told that there was nothing that could be done to save her. She was 35 and was going to die. There was no way Joyce was going to just let herself and her husband die and leave their 3-year old without parents. The couple started on their journey into a world that they never even dreamed imaginable. What did they do? First and foremost Joyce told herself she was going to live and she would not accept what the doctors told her. She had to live. Kevin had a very aggressive cancer with a very low chance of survival. They had a beautiful 3-year-old little girl. Joyce had to live. In her moment of greatest despair, she got down on her knees and prayed, "I need to live God. Just show me how." Within days, she found Biological Medicine, the basis of which is to get to the root cause of why illnesses happen in the first place and then to get rid of that root cause. Then work to build the body back up again. Joyce was incredibly skeptical...after all 'alternative medicine'? She knew nothing about it and didn't even know if it worked. How could it possibly be as effective as conventional medicine? Joyce had never even been in a health store before being diagnosed. But she was relentless in her quest for knowledge and survival. They combined Biological Medicine with supplements, cleanses and a mostly raw green diet, because food is our medicine. Joyce and Kevin have found so many different tools that are available for improving health. Even though Joyce didn't know at the time if it would work, she would have done anything she could to live and found herself journeying to a clinic in Switzerland. Next she pursued some really deep issues and worked on getting rid of the past traumas in her life, which everyone has. She discovered that these are a major cause of illness. It didn't all happen in a week, but it sure felt like it. They weren't as healthy as they thought! That's the bad news. Their lives as they knew it had collapsed around them again and again, but they emerged from the rubble and little by little the couple repaired, rebuilt and recreated their beliefs, strength, emotions, lives and dreams. Alright, so life was not perfect, and was a little stressful, but there is always a ray of sunlight to shine on any situation. Just remember: "The sun is always shining. It just may be behind some clouds." You might just get a little drenched trying to find it. Joyce's quest paid off. Their ray of sunshine is that seven years later Kevin is walking, their child is perfectly healthy, and Kevin and Joyce are alive, and cancer free-and life has never been better. Even better than that, life is amazing! Their lives and perception of life have shifted drastically and they are continuing on an incredibly exciting path.


Artist: Joyce & Kevin O'Brien
Title: Being Cancer Free
Genre: Spoken
Release Date: 06/05/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 614325615827


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