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Across Time

Across Time

  • By Kathy Moore
  • Release 18/12/2007
  • Music Genre Folk
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Wow- this recording has gone through many changes. Some songs made it all the way through the 3 year evolution, others not. Still others were born in the process. Though metaphors and melodies have changed, the themes and vision have remained clear and constant - Love between people, aliveness in creativity and collaboration, family in friendship, and resilience through even the darkest coldest times. We can find answers to hard questions in simple, deep truths. Truths which span the ages, connect all life, and keep us connected within ourselves. These songs continue to be places of discovery for me; my experience in writing them was often like a streaming of ideas. They come from that deep well from which we all can draw: the river flowing underground, the gift of the Other, the ancestors, the higher power, the co-creator, the presence of things we might not always be open to noticing, but are always there. Across Time: the miracle of green in Spring, the renewal of eating blueberries in the dead of Winter, the transformation of perspective and mood if you can just get yourself to breathe, to sing, to listen and be moved by music and by nature, to tap and sway and, finally, to dance. When I started this project, one intention was to resurrect songs that the award-winning jazz duo, Ozer-Moore should have recorded years ago. Here now are songs that people still request. For me, these performance arrangements are a significant body in my life's work, an unforgettable collaboration. Another of my intentions was to provide samples of wonderful collaborations over the last few years. These are moments in music that I know must be shared- Drum Talk, Song Catchers, the people of all ages in my Voice and Music Therapy Studio, songwriting with Tim Twiss, and the musicians I've met while studying to be an Alexander Technique Teacher. IN these songs, there are beautiful places, sadness and jokes, puzzles and hidden treasures. In each song, there is story. And, in me, these songs have guided and helped to sustain the pursuit of vision. Thank you for listening, for stopping to think and feel, for being with me and with yourself. With love, I thank all who've been a part of this CD coming into being: Friends and Family who've contributed, listened, and helped me find time and the way; all the Great Musicians on the recording, as well as those who might not have played on it but are important guides and inspirations I feel deep gratitude for my many gifts. It people believing in you to dream oneself, and a village to raise that dream. I hope, I pray that this music will sing to the changes that we need. I want to dedicate this CD to: A lifetime collaborator and my friend, Stephanie Maris Ozer My teacher, mentor, and friend, Jane Ruby Heirich Elizabeth Ann Moore, my Irish mother Mary Elizabeth Moore, my sister Julia Katherine Frick, my life partner These women are of my center. If it is true that you are as strong as your center, then I must be mighty.


Artist: Kathy Moore
Title: Across Time
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 18/12/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 649288344224


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