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Groove Train

Groove Train

  • By Keith Miller
  • Release 29/04/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Keith Miller (U.S.)- 'Groove Train' and 'Chalk' (2003/2004 self) From the cold plains of Minnesota, the possibility of an immediate thaw is imminent once any of these discs are played. The molten strings that lay on the glacial frontier are owned by this axesmith, Keith Miller. One of those unheard ofs, Keith Miller, like many guitarists, started at an early age and was self-taught before placing themself in a school for more advanced knowledge of the craft. Keith did that before entering Musictech College in Minneapolis to hone his skills even more. He also has the similairity of playing in childhood/teenage year bands and had some success with a band called Plex'd which he still is part of today. 'Groove Train', the 2003 debut has a nice heavy flavor to it with licks from the blackest depths of hell without relying on the monotonous finger-diarrhea that many of these guitarists do on their very first album like they have to prove something. Fans of 'Satch', Gary Hoey, SRV and Torben Enevoldsen will definately understand the wizardry of Keith Miller. He may not be a huge name but he's not a clone either; just has influences like everyone else. Recommended songs off this CD (despite I would say all of them!!) woud be: 'Groove Train', 'Thump-N-Groove', 'King', 'Grab It' and 'Engine #9'. 9 tracks and a bit over 38 minutes. 'Chalk' is the brand-new release and it's pretty much the same thing here if you like your instrumenal stuff a bit more progressive and edgier. There's one vocal song on here called 'Crazy' and it's pretty good and is somewhat along the lines of what Kotzen does nowadays. The heaviest song off either album is on this one by the name of 'Inner Turbulance' which is very uptempo and then you get tracks like 'Chalk', 'Saphire Pools' (sapphire dude! And turbulence; sorry I'm anal about spelling!!), 'Grid Lock' and 'Clock Talk' with the heavy progressive delivery; plus it helps with tonality to have a 7-stringer!!! 'Flip The Switch' was interesting as the main riff took me back to the 80's when riffing was studied and was a thing of one-upmanship by many bands. 'Rubber Room' has some neat effects in it while 'Noodlin'' is just what it is and is a one-take track of just messin' around in rehearsal. Two albums and not a bad song off either one of that's impressive!! So do yourself a favor and check this guy out, you won't be disappointed. By: Wayne Klinger © Quintessence By: Robert Silverstein Minnesota-based guitarist Keith Miller is receiving lots of well earned praise for his two recently released self-produced CDs. Comparisons to Joe Satriani, Metallica and the Galactic Cowboys aside, with the release of Groove Train (2003) and Chalk (2004) Miller is staking out some rare musical territory all his own. A virtual steamroller of hard-rock guitar instrumental guitar sounds, Miller wrote, recorded and mixed all the sounds on both CDs, while demonstrating impressive guitar skills as well as his expertise in the studio. Among the guitars Miller features on the CDs are a variety of Carvin and Switch models and a Cordoba classical. Both CDs fall right into the hard rock instrumental realm and Miller comes through with some dazzling guitar tones and techniques to further assure his rising guitar stature. © Robert Silverstein / 20th Century Guitar Magazine.


Artist: Keith Miller
Title: Groove Train
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 29/04/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057823720


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