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Phanta Morgana

Phanta Morgana

  • By Ken Dixon
  • Release 26/04/2005
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

'You've made one of the best pop albums I've heard all year (and I hear lots of them!)' -Robert Silverstein-20th Century Guitar Magazine 'Oh, I get it... It's art! And this isn't bad!'. -Steve Laskow-Recording Magazine 'Excellent original. Brilliant vocals. The new Gabriel?' -Hans Tonkens, Studio Musician- The Netherlands- '...a mix of Third Day and John Lennon.' -Songwriter, Music Reviewer- Virginia, USA 'I swear to God I have never given a 5 star review before... Are you guys signed? Kick ass song (Predators-Digital You/Virtual Me). Thanks for a thoroughly enjoyable listen.' -Red River Band- Dublin, Ireland 'Just listening to your stuff...I admire the spirit of your work...' -John Young- Soulbury, United Kingdom 'What an intro! Beatles meet Kratwerk. It's modern. I love it. I'm waiting for that bass to kick in. It's worth the wait. Creative songwriting, arrangement and production overall. 'Lookin' up at the sunlight - Hurts my beady little eyes' - Love them lyrics!' (Bottom Feeder, Babe!) -Record Producer, Engineer, Studio Musician- New York City, USA 'Well, this is the best thing I've heard yet ... this is why you gotta love reviewing, for every 10 pieces of **** songs you hear, you get one gem like this. There is nothing I'd change about this song (Fish Out of Water). In fact, I'd go as far as saying it's one of the more original sounding pop tunes I've heard in a while, yet it still keeps basic guitar pop traditions' -Studio Musician, Record Producer, Music / Film, Song Writer- Japan 'Welcome to the '5/5-Club'!!! I love this 'Cosmic Stew you're cooking. There's deep lyrics, amazing vocals and harmonies, fantastic instrumental work, a super pop/psychedelic song structure, great arrangements, jungle-like rythym....... and the MOTHER of all HOOKS!! Finally, it's as compact as the SINGLE that it should be (Can't Wake Up). More, please!' -Musician, Songwriter-Washington DC, USA 'Wow! Where to begin - I love the lyrics - a mix of beautifully colored melodic harmonies and sweet words of revolution. The instrumentation is wonderful...' -Music Reviewer, Song Writer- Oregon, USA 'Thanx! I was gettin' sick of reviewin' crap! Peeeys!' -Live Performer, Record Reviewer- United Kingdom '...great voice...Hints of News Boys (I like those guys)....really progressive and unforced.' -Live Performer, Record Producer, Agent/Manager/Promoter, Song Writer- Saskatchewan, Canada Have had 17 Top Ten honors on Broadjam Internet Radio for our new 13 cut CD, Phanta Morgana, mostly in the Prog/Rock category (Thank you very much. I'd like to thank...). This effort was Co-Produced by and features the delicious sonic contributions of long-time friend Craig Bartock, Producer/Writer/Guitarist for HEART (Check out his solo CD, 'The Finer Points of Instinct', also here at CD Baby!). Currently looking to collaborate with screenwriters, playwrites and animators to help bring the full story of Phanta Morgana to the stage and screen.


Artist: Ken Dixon
Title: Phanta Morgana
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 26/04/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707093505


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