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It's My Time to Lose My Mind

It's My Time to Lose My Mind

  • By Kevin McAdams
  • Release 28/04/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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*Limited Edition CD Digipaks* Kevin McAdams writes and sings upbeat melodic pop songs with tongue-in-cheek lyrics. For fans of ELO, Brian Wilson, Grandaddy, Sparks, and The Magnetic Fields. Produced by Kevin McAdams and Mod Alien (Elefant, Radio 4). Art Direction by Brian Walters (Astralwerks Records, Instinct Records). ----------------------------------------------------------- 'It's always a bit of a nail-biter when a [vocally] silent drummer from one band steps up to the mic on his own. You figure a) he felt hidden back there behind his rig, behind his band, and is using said band's momentum to take a questionable moment up front, or b) maybe he actually has something to say. With Kevin McAdams' first solo release, 'It's My Time to Lose My Mind', it's definitely the latter - and you wonder why he was silent up until now. The album kicks off with the kind of beat that challenges your hands to keep from fingerdrumming...and the feeling sticks around for 11 kickass pop songs. And when I say "pop," I don't mean it in the way that might make me, in this case I mean it in the catchy, need-to-play-it-again way. After a few listens, it feels like you could have known these songs since high school. The lyrics are clever and really resonate - I listened to "Leave Us Alone" on repeat the first time I heard it just to catch what he was saying, and nod my head in agreement. "My Time" grabs me, too. The lyrics bring the point home of one seriously frustrated guy about to snap, but it's not done in the screeching-vocals-and-howling-guitars way that so many songs with a similar theme are. Rather, McAdams' voice remains super calm and cool, allowing the urgency and panic to come through from the awesomely staccato beat. "Turn The Lights Off" ends the album with a more energized but similar plan - and it's one of my favorite tracks. Overall, it's the combination of bright pop beats and multi-layered instrumentation backing that cool voice - he's not desperate to make you hear him, he's just letting you know what's up - that really keep you coming back for another listen. The man can drum, I've seen him play, but this album is proof that it's definitely (yep, I'll say it...) 'his time'.' -S. Weiss - GoRockOut Magazine.


Artist: Kevin McAdams
Title: It's My Time to Lose My Mind
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 28/04/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501132282


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