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Another Great Day

Another Great Day

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Tired of the same old music industry crud? Are you going to 'jump' if you hear one more 'Boy Band' song? Then it sounds like you need to get Kicked by the Dog. This is power chord rock with all the high energy, pop hooks and fat guitar tones that you've been yearning for. So check out Kicked by the Dog and fulfill your music fix. Oh, and here's their story for anyone who cares! The real genesis of Kicked by the Dog began back in the early school days of Angelo Armenta and Kevin Swanson. It was and unlikely match from the start. Angelo liked Heavy Metal music and had a habit of talking about his guitar heroes way too often, whereas Kevin preferred the simplicity of three-chord rock with easy pop hooks. Nonetheless, they formed an alliance and have played together ever since. The actual Kicked by the Dog debut took place in the mid-90's at a 'hole in the wall' club called Toe's Tavern in Redondo Beach, California. They were scheduled to open for the famed group Agent Orange for a quick forty-five minute set. Unfortunately, due to sickness, Agent Orange never showed and Kicked by the Dog was put on stage to play a two hour set to rowdy, upset Agent Orange fans. Their performance was a big hit. This experience instilled the excitement of playing live and started a streak of gigs for several years. Kicked by the Dog built a respectable following and became known as a fun live act. By the end of the 90's, the band had written and performed a significant amount of original material. Their orginals ranged from crowd rockers like I didn't mean it' to the haunting ballad, 'Needle and the silver spoon.' The band's next goal was to capture their live sound in the studio. The net result was the release of a full-length album chronicling the bands' music and writing style as it has evolved. The music contains many influences ranging from classic acts like Aerosmith, the Ramones and Cheap Trick to contemporary bands like the Foo Fighters and Puddle of Mudd. The cover of the album and collateral artwork, a sort of tongue-and-cheek view on the irony of life, further represents the bands' feelings of their own music. 'Put some effort into what your doing, have some fun while doing it, but don't take yourself too seriously.' This simple philosophy holds Kicked by the Dog together and inspires the group to continue their pursuit in writing and performing new material. When you hear their music you will become one of the many that has just been 'Kicked by the Dog.'


Artist: Kicked by the Dog
Title: Another Great Day
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 19/03/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 724101904424


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