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Guttural Shock

Guttural Shock

  • By Kra
  • Release 10/02/2004
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The Kra Story History: The name Kra was invented by Hans Sandvall, who also played Rommelpot on the first Kra 45 rpm single. The first single was the result of a composition competition in the Finnish Broadcasting Corporation, YLE in the autumn of 1979. The group with the new name Kra won and thus were allowed a day (!) in a 4-track studio to cut AND mix their first single. Since the first single got quite a lot of airplay, Reijo Lainela and Stäni Steinbock decided to record another single, with one song by each of them, and when that single too was successful, a third one, also with one Reijo side and one Stäni side. After that, Kra felt ready for an LP album, which was recorded in 1984, the same year Kra was seen on national TV in Finland for the first time. The LP 'Doing The Impossibull' was elected 'The LP of the year' by [The Finnish Broadcasting Company] YLE and freelance journalist Mikael Wiik, and also got quite a lot of airplay, especially in Finland. Now it was Kra's drummer's Lasse Lundbom's turn to take an initiative for the next single, because 'La Balena' was his composition. On the other side of the single (Kra never called their single sides 'A' or 'B' since they always felt both sides contained their best material) was 'Dragon Train' by Stäni Steinbock. Soon after that Lasse left Kra, but with a new drummer, Robert Persson, and a new bassist, Jaïr-Rôhm Wells, Kra cut a new LP album 'Still Going Sproing' KRA performed once again on Finnish National TV, and on Swedish Radio in a Live broadcast, but after that Stäni Steinbock, who had been threatened with a revolver in hi ear, on his job as a taxi driver in Stockholm, Sweden, got a job offer he couldn't refuse: Sound Designer for a municipal theatre in the city of Vaasa, Finland. This job effectively stopped him from keeping Kra active, so during the 11 years he served there, Kra was put on ice. In the year 2000, though, it was time for a 20-year celebration, so Stäni and Reijo wrote some new material for a 20-year anniversary celebration single, which by then had got the meaning of 'a CD with less than 20 minutes of sound on it'. Thus started a bit of a new lease of life for Kra, who also performed the new Lainela-Steinbock song 'Tribal Pursuit' on Finnish National TV, and soon afterwards were invited by the YLE to use their studio and the same producer, Calle Lindholm, who produced their first single, for recording their new sub-20-minute CD, christened by Reijo to 'Guttural Shock'. It is now, dear internet surfers, this very CD that's for sale on CD Baby, and we absolutely agree with the people who call it the best we've ever done, so why not have a listen and BUY THE CD!! NOW!! Or preferably Immediately! And without delay! Come on, come on, come on! Buy our CD! Musicians on Guttural Shock: Reijo Lainela: Guitars, Gongs, Bonang, Slenthem Stäni Steinbock: Bass, Guitar Jonte Knif: Krummhorn, Recorder, Hammer Dulcimer, Clarinet Ville Kervinen: Trumpet Ville nissinen: Trombone Antti Lauronen: Saxophone Aarne Riikonen: Drums (tracks 1-2) Lasse Lundbom: Drums (tracks 3-4) Bonang on Rosa Moln Ilias Missyris: Baglama on Tribal Pursuit Thomas Bergman: Musical Saw on Tribal Pursuit and Rosa Moln Producer: Calle Lindholm Engineer: Antti Pohjola Bonus track credits: Pulau Gempa Bumi: Poppy Purwanti: Vocals Reijo Lainela: Gangsan kantilan, Kendang Jaipongan, Rebab Stäni Steinbock: 5-stringed Kantele, Slide Guitar, Keyboards The Vampire Waltz: Stäni Steinbock: Bass, Mandolin John Johansson: Classical guitar Elisabeth Wiedersheim-Paul: Keyboards Lena Ekman: Recorder Wincent Högberg: Percussion What? Wanna know who else has played on Kra's records? OK, here goes: Reijo Lainela (Mandolin etc etc etc) Stäni Steinbock (Guitar, Bass etc. Etc. Etc.) Petra Aminoff (flute, recorder), Irma Sandrén (Cello), Tom Kråkström (Chinese Knackwurst, percussion), Jukka Haikonen(5-string Banjo, Electric piano of dubious origins) Derrick Frilund (Analog Synthesizer - that's REAL analog for you virtual analog-weaned surfers!) Janne Tapper (Violin) Hans Sandvall (Rommelpot, percussion) Björn Hällström (Bass Clarinet, Flute) Jan 'Strumpan' Strömberg' (Tuba) Lasse Lundbom (Drums) Mats Gunnarsson (Saxophone) Anders Norrhage (Bass) John Johansson (Ridimn Guitar) Manfred Wagner (Congas, Washboard) Ralf Nygård (Soprano Sax, Bass clarinet) Susanna Tollet (Recorder) Håkan Olsson (Violin) P.J. Wide (of Trance Dance fame) (Keyboards) Helen Zetterholm (Zampoñas) Peter Antonsson (Flugelhorn) Lauri Antila (Double bass) Anders Thidell (Explosive Guitar) Kajsa Hallhagen (Recorder) Ralf Hansen (Clarinet) Gunnar Burlin (Clarinet) Ulf Nyback (Alto Saxophone) Henric Sjögren (Trombone) Anette Strand (Vocals) Tina Eriksson (Vocals) Leon Knibbs (Congas) Thomas Wiedersheim-Paul (Scatting, Harpsichord) Ben Marlene, Trance Dance founder & main vocalist (Piano) Mats Jansson (Nowadays Adamczak) (Melodic Bass Guitar) Christian Preibsch (flute, Recorder) Robert Persson (drums) Peter Hellsten (Trumpet) Joakim Sjöroos (Trombone) Helena Nilsson (Cello) Bo Eriksson (Cello) Tippa (Dog Vocals) (see picture on Still Going Sproing inner sleeve!) Frippe Wenelius (Vocals) Tomas Haldin (Drums, Percussion, Keyboards) Jonte Knif (Krummhorn, Hammered Dulcimer, Clarinet, Recorder) Ville Kervinen (Trumpet) Ville Nissinen (Trombone) Antti Lauronen (Saxophone) Aarne Riikonen (Drums) Ilias Missyris (Baglama) Thomas Bergman (Musical Saw) Poppy Purwanti (Vocals) Tebasile Wiedersheim-Paul (Keyboards) Lena Ekman (Recorder) Wincent Högberg (Percussion) Yves Demoulin (Bass) Solveig Karlsson a.k.a Solveig Tuohisaari /Solveig Tomasfolk (Accordion) That's it, folks! But wait! There's more! Who played in our TV-shows? Are you sure you want to know? OK, except for some of the same people as on our records, we've had the following musicians with us on TV: Grisu Nordberg (Alto Saxophone) Pasi Ilkka (Bass) Ahti Marja-Aho (Violin, Keyboards) Uolevi Högström (Marimba) Esa Lindholm (Washboard) Antti Riikonen (Aarne's dad) (Drums) Mikael -something (Trumpet) -??????- (Saxophone) and this young celloist whose name I can't find anywhere - I'll insert it here as soon as I find it! Well, I hear you ask, were there any people who played Live with Kra, but never on record or TV? Sure! Saskia Holmkvist (recorder) Kajan (surname unknown at the moment) (Saxophone) Kari Ljungqvist (Harmonica) Vilppu Kiljunen (Violin) Stephan Kemetter (Violin) Micke Renlund (Ryddym Guitar) Johan Hedtjärn (Rhidim Guitar) Michael Neumann (Flute) Ronny Andersson (Trombone) Jyri Hiltunen (Guest Guitarist) Sigge 'Stardust' (Percussion) Fredrik Borg (Guitar) Kirsi Eklund (Cymbal) Tom Salomonssen (Guitar) Suvi Aho (whose name means 'Summer Meadow' in English) (Trumpet) Daniela Lainela (Indonesian percussion) Billey Shamrock (Analog synthesizer) and then there was this Swedish celloist who also played hockey, whose name I can't remember. He played only one gig with us. If you ever played a gig with us, and can't find your name here, and want it here, please contact Stäni Steinbock. Other 'interesting'facts: The smallest format Kra has appeared as is as a duo: Reijo and Stäni. This Duo played once in Ekenäs, Finland, and once at the Nook Cafe, Penny Lane, Liverpool England (Reijo & Stäni are Beatle fans). The Biggest Kra ever was at the Faces Festival in Billnäs, Finland in 2002 When we were Ten people: Reijo, Poppy, Daniela, Jonte, Aarne, Ville Nissinen, Antti Lauronen, Suvi Aho and Stäni Steinbock - no, that's just nine ? Well, on TV in 2000 there were: Reijo, Poppy, Jonte, Ilias, Thomas Bergman, Aarne, Ville Kervinen, Mikael, Stäni, and this Saxophonist whose name escapes me. That's ten little Kra people! And please remember: Krasjiva means 'Beautiful' in Russian but 'Kra record' in Swedish.


Artist: Kra
Title: Guttural Shock
Genre: International
Release Date: 10/02/2004
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479172113


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