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Finding Mr Perfect

Finding Mr Perfect

  • By Legless
  • Release 14/03/2008
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Internationally renowned, all female, punk rock, original, concept band Legless hail from Adelaide, South Australia. Formed in 2004, Legless are in huge demand as a live act, having toured Japan, Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, and Country Vic and SA, performing at festivals and venues all over Australia in the past few years. Legless were recently invited by the Australian Defence Forces to entertain the troops and civilians in Timor Leste, joining A-list of Australian Artists such as Doc Neeson, Angry Anderson, Shannon Noll, Screaming Jets and John Farnham. The new Legless Album "Finding Mr. Perfect" features nine original songs plus a version of the Australian National Anthem. It follows up from their successful, independent debut album "13 Killer Tracks" which received much international attention and radio airplay in Japan and in Australia in 2006/7. Legless returned from their Tour of Duty for the official CD launch as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2008 which was held on Thursday March 13, at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, amidst a plethora of media attention with many feature articles and great reviews still coming in for their new release. Legless are a concept based around an undead punk rock band. Inspired and influenced by Kiss, The Village People, Sex Pistols, ACDC, the Divinyls and Alice Cooper. The fantasy characters... The Nurse on lead vocals, the Bride on drums, the Schoolgirl on bass and vocals and the Policewoman on lead guitar. These characters are performed by four of Adelaide's most accomplished female rock musicians. (Ex. Members of Kaleidoscope, Shrunken Heads, Slingshot Dragster and Planet Square) Each member has their own story of how they came to become an un-dead punk rock star at the hands of an evil serial killer called Footfetish Fredo. "As if scoped from the pages of a Marvel comic book, tangled with superheroes and revenge plots, the girls from Legless are not just zombie punk rock chicks with instruments. They are a family of concept-based curious characters - the nurse, the schoolgirl, the policewoman and the bride and their complicated imagined existence outside of their real selves, involves a foot obsessed villain and a deep-seated yearning for vengeance" Kerry Loyson RIP IT UP Magazine. Legless put a brand new slant of female rock with all the attitude of punk combined with the commercial mainstream rock sound. There's nothing middle of the road about Legless music. Most of the songs are dynamic upbeat and hard hitting. Alternatively some tracks are hauntingly soft & acoustic. Featuring strong female harmonies on a wall of guitar bass and drums, each member adds their voice to the mix. The lyrics are hook-laden, and storytelling reflecting the fun concept of the band. Legless songs are easy to relate to and bound to bring a smile to your face, with a twisted sense of humour and super catchy hooks. Nurse Ra on lead vocals is a dynamic front person, with vast amounts of energy and outlandish props; she can look after all you entertainment needs as well as take your temperature and administer medication! Bride Imaj has been likened to "Animal" from the Muppets on the drums, but it is all that unused pent up energy from missing out on her wedding night, poor girl. Schoolgirl Amanda is on bass guitar and second vocals, sharing some of the lead and harmonising to give Legless their signature sound. She's on permanent detention in the rock afterlife. Somewhere her mum is looking for her. Policewoman Shazza plays her electric guitar like handling a firearm. You'll feel arrested after hearing her riffs and lead breaks. Track x track Legless Finding Mr. Perfect Drinking Tonight - the live favourite! This drinking anthem for the next generation of partygoers is one of the bands most requested live song. Hear where a simple riff and a few too many drinks can take you. Daisy - This song is total madness, and sure to be a hit. It's about a flower, a person named after a flower, being forgetful and a childhood game. Happily rocking out, extremely catchy and easy to sing along to. Get My Knickers Off - Listen carefully to the lyrics. This song is not as obvious as you may think. Aussie Girl Rock with attitude. Highly recommended by the Aussie Troops! Pet Hate - Ouch! Hey guys...wanna know what give the Legless the shits? Here's the story! Legless get into the groove with all their man issues. A word of warning. Don't mess with these un-dead girls! Too Many Bruises -A haunting and beautiful acoustic ballad, showing you the diversity of the band. Nutter - This manic song will get in your head for days. See the crazy clip on utube! GIA (Girls in Action) Look out baby... here comes 2.5 mins of pure rock energy. As seen on "Australia's Got Talent" 2007. Hip Thrust - It's time for a crazy dance to sweep the nation and Legless has just the soundtrack! Move over Tina Turner this is the new Nutbush City Limits Work It Out - The serious side of Legless is again revealed here in this Pink Floyd style ballad. Intense, schizophrenic lyrics, with crazy wailing, bizarre vocal effects and dramatic production make this a standout track. Advance Australia Fair - the best punk-a-billy, grl rock version you eva heard. Also highly recommended by Aussie Troops and school children.


Artist: Legless
Title: Finding Mr Perfect
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 14/03/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479693816


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