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Working Man

Working Man

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'Workingman' is a aggressive CD with ' burning lead guitar','passionate Vocals' pushed to the limit with strong varied 'Working Class' Lyrics not loaded with cliches and are relatable. Here's a bit of Politician Man Iam a Politician Man - Born and raised for the task - ever since I was a little boy I was destined to be your congressman- I am sorry I don't see you much -so hard to keep in touch- but now I am running again and I need your vote to keep me in/ Oh folks I need your vote to help save the world I love-and now I am running again need your vote to keep me in. Lyrics describing our political class and it's nepotism.. Leidel/Longchamp started as a working class up-tempo rock duo to become a full Band built on their fast guitars and lyric driven rock. Ray Longchamp was one of the very best lead Guitar players in the NY/NJ area. Among lots of lead guitar players you will hear, one of the best is on this CD. Harry Leidel, the Rhythm guitar player and one of the best/unique songwriter's going with his strong diverse lyrics and up-tempo music has lived in Texas where he wrote 4 of this CD's songs, New Mexico,and New York where he wrote the rest. Bob Makin in The Aquarian Newspaper when the original CD came out wrote as you read above but also added this to paraphrase. The Band has a smoking guitar player, in Ray Longchamp and a intriguing songwriter, in vocalist Harry Leidel. I particularily like 'Politician Man'which pokes fun at the apathetic, ineffectiveness of power hungry, money grubbing politicos. Bob then preceded to write all the lyrics to the song in his review. The Earlier CD was played at Colleges from Ny to Maine which contains some songs on this CD which were really helped by Robert Makin's great review of that CD. It gave them the ears of College programmers who then played it extensively. That exposure got them shows to a lot of those schools.


Title: Working Man
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 13/01/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 827640001651
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