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Open Seating

Open Seating

  • By Lesser Known
  • Release 26/08/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Lesser Known is a blend of acoustic and electric emotion, dishing out modern chord progressions, searing melodies, and a driving beat. New to the music scene, Lesser Known will serve up it's original flavor to any music lover with an appetite. That's more or less the band as a whole - here's a little bit about the players individually (in aloha order by instrument): Acoustic Guitar and Virile Vocals: Zach 'Nasty' Katagiri still can't figure out why his neighbor from freshman year coined that nickname for him, but is too embarrassed to ask about it anymore since every time he does, people just laugh at him. Barely squeaking his way into college, he still feels that all of the sleeping around and moral sacrifices made along the way were well worth it, especially since it ultimately led to the formation of Lesser Known. Although sometimes he regrets turning down an offer to play center for the Portland Trail Blazers, he admits that 'it probably wouldn't have worked out for the long run because, despite [his] ridiculous skills out on the court, [his] height may have put [him] at a disadvantage.' His favorite memory from college was after finals in the basement of his sophomore year dorm. A stuffed monkey, several cans of paint, and a couple girls... good times. Big Fatty Bass Bonanza: Donald 'Binky, or Big D' Diaz is a man of few words, who likes to keep his public image clouded by mystique. Let it suffice to say that he 'likes to do math, play bass, surf, and lift weights.' Dashing, Daring, Drum Delivery: Carlos 'Hot Carl' Cabrera, has got all of the right moves and all of the right rhythms. Known to flirt with anything in a tube top or a skirt, this playa' plays more than just the drums. Carlos, also a skateboard extraordinaire, made his own ramp to do tricks on, saving hundreds of dollars. In his spare time he gives haircuts to friends and forgets about other commitments he's made, rushing off to three-hour midterms with only half an hour left, but still beating the mean. He explains that when ever there is something that he's involved with, people shouldn't worry because he's 'a generally capable guy.' His favorite memories are from preschool. He remembers that every naptime he would only pretend to be sleeping, but secretly, he would be thinking of really interesting dreams to tell people that he had. Then he would tell them, and they would be amazed at the consistency with which he had interesting dreams. In particular, he recalls that his teacher would always be impressed. He speculates with confidence that if he had been older, or if she had been younger, they definitely would have hooked up. Electric Guitar Extravaganza Extraordinaire: David 'Ice Age' Corcoran, is perhaps one of the sketchiest people... ever... just ask him how he got his nickname. Currently a sophomore at Stanford University, Dave plans to double major in computer science and Stella. He has one of the biggest FTP sites around, hosting more illegal music than he could ever listen to. In his spare time, he likes to lick his guitar, eat dinner alone in his room, and refill empty water bottles with notwater. His favorite memory is from October of 2002, when he and other members of his fraternity went into the city and told a policeman that they were on a scavenger hunt, and needed to take a picture with a cop 'pretending' to handcuff one of them. They then proceeded to 'subdue' the policeman and handcuff him to his own car and 'book the hell out of there.' And did I mention that he has a webcam? Yeah. Sketchy.


Artist: Lesser Known
Title: Open Seating
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 26/08/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 659057917320


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