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Day Job

Day Job

  • By Listen Up!
  • Release 12/08/2008
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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From the Chicago Tribune, 'What comes across in every moment of their performance is an adoration for singing -- turning melodies and harmonies on their heads to come up with something unique and full of freshness and appeal. When redefining musical rules, it helps to be good -- and these four are very good, lacking nothing in imagination and the ability to sell their vision of a song.' An exciting new CD release from Chicago-based Jewish vocal band, Listen Up! Be cautious, however. This recording may not be what you expect. This new CD, aptly named Day Job, is an opportunity to spend a working day with four Jewish musicians who just don't seem to realize that they forgot to bring instruments to the studio. Don't let that stop you from hearing something new and unexpected. Using nothing but their voices, bodies, and some household objects-a pushke, car keys, and a cholent pot, the band conjures a big band sound. Soaring vocals bask in a rock-ballad styled Breslover nigun. Vocal pyrotechnics knock out danceable favorites like Ehud Manor's Chai, and Gaya's anthem Shir L'ahava (Yachad). The Chicago Tribune calls Listen Up!, "Chicago's uniquely compelling Jewish vocal band." It's easy to see why. This is a genre-agnostic ensemble of four powerful voices-each with it's own personality-contributing to an exciting and engaging close-harmony sound that packs a punch. Best of all, Listen Up! Doesn't take itself too seriously. In Day Job, there is the healthy irreverence of four frumme yids who enjoy the Beatles just as much as Yeshivah rock. Where else could you find an opus that includes prayers from the Siddur alongside a do wop tribute to the first guy who shows up to shul in the morning? One-fourth of the proceeds from the sale of Day Job go to support the Ma'amin program, an innovative Chicago-based initiative to help special needs high schoolers participate fully in a day school education. Steve Singer (his real name) started the "band" in 1992. Day Job is the ensemble's 4th album. Listen Up! Is Yaakov Weiner (Bass), Kevin Kirshenbaum (Tenor), A.Y. Karsh (Baritone), and Steve Singer (Baritone/Vocal Percussion). The recording is available in stores and online. For media and booking inquiries, please contact Steve Singer at (773) 973-3375 or


Artist: Listen Up!
Title: Day Job
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 12/08/2008
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501015967
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