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Soul Shadows

Soul Shadows

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Price: £14.89

Product Notes

Little Brown Brother was formed in the summer of 2006 by bassist/composer Ben Luis and harmonica player/vocalist Carlos Zialcita. This ensemble takes what both of them had been doing individually and collectively and created a new package designed specifically for the Filipino American audience. The nucleus of Little Brown Brother is a quartet, with the addition of Chris Planas on guitar and Mike Fernando on drums. Also featured in Soul Shadows are additional members of the band: Kenny Penalver on keyboards, and Mio 'Timbalero' Flores on congas, bongo, timbales, and percussion. Guest musicians on the CD are: Nerio De Gracia on vibes and percussion; Melecio Magdaluyo on saxophone, and Mitchell Yangson on the kulintang. While the rich African-American traditions of jazz and blues is at the core of what this group represents musically, there are many other influences that add flavor to the mix. There is a definite worldbeat texture and attitude to the music - borrowing from the indigenous Filipino music and instruments as well as the centuries-old Spanish influence on traditional Filipino music. Little Brown Brother also pays tribute in their music to the Filipino jazz pioneers in the United States and the Philippines. In the United States, the San Francisco Bay Area in particular has a rich history of Filipino American jazz and blues artists who have left a legacy that the younger players are following. Little Brown Brother continues this tradition with their own take on jazz - a funky and soulful mix of jazz, blues, latin, and traditional Filipino music. They call it simply: Pinoy Jazz. Masarap! (Delicious!) In addition to regular performances at clubs, corporate events, county fairs, street fairs, and Festivals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Little Brown Brother has performed at a number of events in the Filipino community. These include the Manilatown Heritage Foundation Annual Banquet in 2007 and 2008, the 87th Annual Dinner of Gran Oriente Filipino in 2007, the 2007 and 2009 Pista Sa Nayon in Vallejo, the 2007 Bindlestiff Theatre Black and White BindleBall, and a benefit concert in 2006 for Sugar Pie DeSanto held at The Manilatown Center in San Francisco. Little Brown Brother was a featured performer at the 2008 San Francisco Filipino American Jazz Festival. They are scheduled to perform again at the Manilatown Heritage Foundation Banquet in 2009 and the San Francisco 1st Annual Cool Black Ball in October 2009. REVIEWS 'Soul Shadows takes you on a journey of light-filled moments from the opening notes of the Kulintang (ancient instrument indigenous to the Philippines) to the beautiful reconstruction of Duke Ellingtons' 'In a Sentimental Mood' into a Bolero. As the music coalesces you begin to feel the inner workings of a tightly-seasoned band harmonically rich and generous with percussive flavor. The music remains relaxed and cool even as the temperature begins to rise. Carlos Zialcitas' blues harp transforms delightfully as the album unfolds into many shades of warm and fluid tones making for an enjoyable and deep listening experience. Speaking of deep, co-leader Ben Luis' solid bass playing unites afro-Cuban, traditional Filipino and funk sensibilities into his own effortless technique. In other words, this is good stuff. If you dig variety and have a taste for the non-traditional item, 'Soul Shadows' would be an excellent addition to your next music menu. Perfect to share with a friend or two.' -Chris Cortez, Midday Jazz 91.1FM KCSM.


Artist: Little Brown Brother
Title: Soul Shadows
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 18/08/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501156332