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  • By Liz Malys
  • Release 30/06/2009
  • Music Genre Jazz
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £14.49

Product Notes

'Desert' sweeps you up in it's lush texture; Malys' sensual voice travels the terrain between a whisper and a wail, and is supported in turn by an orchestra of strings, horns, and percussion. If the first track had you believing that she is a hopeless romantic, the next, 'I've been away' turns you on your head. The song speaks to the darker side of human nature: 'When really I/was pillaging gold/stealing from those who never stole. . .' 'You say' haunts with it's eerie harmonies, while 'Make your move' and 'Blue eyes' just groove. The title track 'Desert' showcases Malys' filigree touch at the piano, as well as cellist Michael Ronstadt's sublime sensitivity to phrasing. 'Queen of Composure' draws you into a world that is minimalistic, dream-like. Just when you thought you'd heard the best of her intricately crafted arranging, Malys catches you offguard with the last track: her string quartet rock ballad 'Leviticus.' Raised in upstate NY, schooled in Tucson, Arizona, and currently living in Anchorage, Alaska -- it's obvious that to Liz travel is not just a leisure activity, but a way of life. One could say the same about her debut album, 'Desert,' which she fittingly flew to Tucson to record. 'I'm so excited about this new album. .' says Liz. 'It was a wonderful creative experience to work with so many great musicians.' The instrumentation on the album -- reminiscent of her training in classical composition -- includes violin, cello, and upright bass -- Liz enlisted her friends who were or are currently music majors at her Al Mater, the University of Arizona, for the project. The album's title, 'Desert' may seem ironic given the place Liz currently calls home: Anchorage Alaska, a landscape which is often buried in snow and ten degrees below. '[Desert] seemed like an appropriate name for the album,' says Liz. 'I've always been artistically inspired by landscapes; maybe that's why I feel the need to see them all! [laughs]. But Tucson, especially. . .something about the desert struck me. . . I also think of the landscape and climate as a metaphor for a person's emotional landscape. . .'Walk on water' is really about the absence of seasons, growth, and change that is so desperately needed. . .' This is an album that you will want to listen to while on a long drive, turned up loud, with no one else in your car. Or perhaps through some good quality headphones when you are sitting in a quiet spot outdoors, watching the autumn leaves slowly drift from trees around you. Her songs will make you sigh, gasp, and maybe even break your heart.


Artist: Liz Malys
Title: Desert
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 30/06/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 700261270906
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