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Gotta Make a Move

Gotta Make a Move

  • By Lo Torc
  • Release 02/06/2009
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.37

Product Notes

Music has always been my passion. When I wrote my first song at fourteen being a rock star was my only dream. Born and raised in the farming community of Pueblo, Colorado there were no recording studios or American Idol programs to support my dream. In Junior High I started a band with four buddies and in just a few years we became very popular in Southern Colorado. Most of the music we played was soul. I didn't realize it at the time, but playing soul as a kid would heavily influence the way I write music today. My songwriting skills developed through High School but getting a producer to listen to my songs or finding resources to record them was next to impossible. After working in factories and construction sites, I found my life going nowhere. I got the opportunity to start my own business and ran with it. Money was very good but working long hours sometimes seven days a week and raising a family took a toll on outside activities. As far as recording, I now had the resources but didn't have the time. Twenty eight years later I sold the business. Now I had the time and money to pursue my dream. During that time I had a chance to read two books from the Neo-Tech society (a club for entrepreneurs and people who want to achieve their dreams). These books encouraged me to see beyond my limitations and rekindle the fire that was once in me. Working with vocal teacher Becky Bradley, was the start of my new career. After taking several lessons and learning the proper techniques I realized I wasn't as good as I could be. My songs did sound better but were lacking in quality. Becky introduced me to Jim Remington, a singer songwriter with several CD's under his belt. At first I was not happy with the way he was changing everything about MY songs. Picking apart what I thought were the best parts and saying, "If you want these to sell, this is what you have to do". I almost stopped going to him! But after the third week, it finally hit me. He's not criticizing me, he's a teacher and he's trying to make them more commercial. After seeing the potential of where my songs might go, he introduced me to veteran engineer producer Steve Avedis, whose credits include big names like Tony Bennet and N'SYNC. Steve introduced me to Tom Capek, studio sound recording engineer. Without these four people and the talent they posses this CD would not be possible. I've met many professionals in my life but none come close to the unique abilities they have, each of them being able to see the diamond in the rough. Thank you all. Creating tunes was something that came easy to me, even after the long layoff. My songwriting skills were a different story. I bought many books and spent many hours reading, how to write a song. You can't just write what you feel it has to be mixed in and nurtured like a fine wine. I learned to address my feelings and experiences and translate them into lyrics. My music does not fit into one genre. It's all rock with a hint of jazz, country, blues and funk. I follow where the music takes me. A phrase, a chord progression or an experience can send me in a new musical direction. I hope you will enjoy traveling down my diverse musical path. Happy listening!


Artist: Lo Torc
Title: Gotta Make a Move
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 02/06/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501150798