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Because You Love Me

Because You Love Me

  • By Margo B. Smith
  • Release 27/03/2007
  • Music Genre Gospel
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

Please, don't say you weren't warned, but if you buy the BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME CD, you are exposing yourself to pleasing melodies that may end up repeating in your head well after you've stopped listening. Also, you will be hearing about God's love for you and given the opportunity to sing along in words that express a love for the Lord. You might even end up using the lyrics during your prayer time. If you play this family friendly CD in the car while your young children are listening, you risk hearing them ask you to play it again! Or if you let them fall asleep listening to music and you put this CD in the player, you might have to listen to the soothing, positive messages for months. If you need a little encouragement, a positive shot in the arm, an uplifting experience with a mix of toe tapping and peaceful music, then BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME is an excellent choice for your CD collection. Described as having a beautiful anointing on her voice and the songs she has written, singer/songwriter Margo B. Smith sings "Put You First," Thank You, Lord" and "You Love Me Better." Along with Margo, a variety of talented vocalists and instrumentalists weave throughout the CD as they skillfully share these inspirational songs. For encouragement in loving others even when it is a challenge, there is upbeat "Charity" and easy listening "You Love Me Better." Likened to a Herb Albert/Carpenter style, "Put You First" is about the importance of our love for God. "Your Beloved," "True Love" and "Thank You, Lord" proclaim the message of God's personal and sacrificial love for us. The songs "Don't Give Up," "With One Step" and "Come and Rest" offer encouragement and comfort. "Handmaid of the Lord" shows us a beautiful example of surrendering to God's will. "Blessed Be Those" is about faith and "Heaven Bound" focuses on our heavenly hope. The BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME CD has a particular appeal to late 30somethings on up into late 70 year olds and pre-teens. So if you are looking for music with a Christian message that will encourage and delight your mother/father, grandmother/grandfather, niece/nephew, younger sibling, or aunt/uncle you have come across the perfect gift. Lyrics to my songs can be found at my website on my SONGS page.


Artist: Margo B. Smith
Title: Because You Love Me
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 27/03/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479510014


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