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  • By Mariposa
  • Release 28/11/2006
  • Music Genre International
  • Media Format CD
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'Naifeh [aka Mariposa], a classically-trained, loose-laughing, lullaby-lilting, tantric vaudevillian-like singer, surely must be possessed by every living and deceased musical spirit, from Bach to Bob Dylan's dog...' Richard Ferguson, Strobe Magazine MARIPOSA's music takes you on a journey into a world of language, music and love both medieval & modern. Having traveled the world as a classically trained singing trapeze artist, MARIPOSA is World Pop. A brand new CD, featuring a bold mix of world beat, cabaret, zydeco, and sleek and subtle sampling and sequencing, presents Stefanie's unique voice and songs in a surprising new musical framework. 'The real treat is classically trained opera singer, Stefanie Naifeh, whose voice can seemingly do anything (and does).' Scott Morrow, LA Weekly Stefanie Naifeh's songs have reached the ears of listeners far and wide. Her 1990's modern cabaret band THE UNDERTHINGS got extensive national college radio airplay on college and alternative radio, with heavy airplay on then pioneering KCRW. The Underthings: Her outrageous underground bohemian band in the 90s. Mariposa aka Stefanie Naifeh--How is it you haven't heard of her before, you may wonder. Well, perhaps you haven't heard 'of' her, but you have heard her voice in the haunting melodies of Danny Elfman's music scores for films, such as Men in Black I and II, Spiderman I and II, Sleepy Hollow, and many more. You have heard her featured in 'Mean Girls' score by Rolfe Kent, and in choral works in film scores by Cliff Martinez and David Newman. You may even have seen her soaring through and singing in Heaven, or at least the Heaven of 'What Dreams May Come' directed by Vincent Ward and starring Robin Williams. How did a classically trained opera singer end up shrieking into a microphone for artsy fans in LA, San Francisco and New York? It gets better: Stefanie startled her musical community and literally ran away with the circus How in the world did she end up singing her heart out while swinging from a trapeze ? Maybe it was 'Wings of Desire.' Maybe it was Mosha, the beautiful equilibriste. Maybe it was 'The Bagatelles.' Maybe it was the stories her mother read to her when she was very very young. Maybe it was all those dreams of flying. She became an aerialist--she sings, swings on a trapeze, spins on a rope, or in a hoop, climbs to dizzying heights on long strips of fabric. Paying her dues in smaller carnie style one ring affairs, she then performed in bigger shows, touring Japan and South America, as a unique singing trapeze artist with L.A. Circus, Circo Osorio, Circo Hermanos Caballeros, Cirque de l'Air. Next Stefanie created her own Los Angeles troupe, Circus Sirius, enticing her band, The Underthings into the world of circus. She produced musical and circus shows, 'Reverie' and 'Suspension,' whose memorable sold out shows at El Rey Theater in L.A. featured wild mashups of trapeze, contortion, gypsy music, Irish step dancing, and a dreamy a capella female choir. In her latest reinvention cutting edge circus performer Stefanie Naifeh has married earth and sky in her innovative new performance. As La Mariposa - The Butterfly - Stefanie emerges from a mysterious, luminescent cocoon in dark space, soars in breathtaking circles on giant, shimmering butterfly wings, then drops to the floor for an earthy combination of ballet, Indian, Lebanese, and Latin dance. Soaring aloft, then a plunge earthward, aloft again, Stefanie powers the dialogue between flight and ecstatic dance to a dramatic and poignant climax.'


Artist: Mariposa
Title: Eros
Genre: International
Release Date: 28/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479383694


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