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Shades of Praise 1

Shades of Praise 1

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Mark C. Benjamin I. Psalmist/Ruling Elder/Worshipping Arts Developer Mark C. Benjamin, a native of St. Louis, MO, has evolved into a strong, solid, vessel for and to this age. Mark carries a powerful and piercing message of love, hope, and inspiration to the nations. Having a multifold potency in the Worshipping Arts, Mark is an eminently lead Psalmist, an anointed Worship Leader, an awesome author/teacher and a seasoned Minstrel-Percussionist. In accordance with that, Mark is also an awesome teacher and conduit of the word of God and he concentrates on the development of the pure relationship between God and man and the development of the lifestyle of worship. No matter in what person this vessel appears, it's of a surety that those present will experience the vastness of God through His workmanship, Psalmist Mark C. Benjamin. Growing up in the challenging streets of St. Louis, with many things often glorified in the movies present right in the neighborhood, options for grooming one for success were limited. Mark took an early interest in athletics and music and it was this combination that led him into a realm of excellence. A message of love and encouragement spoken by Mark's grandfather, the late Dr. James O. Beal, along with hours of practice and self discipline, consecrated Mark to the ministry of a Psalmist and Minstrel who's main goal and purpose is to mend the Body of Christ. With a background in Criminal Justice and Sociology, this balance has enabled Mark to enter into doors of diversity and speak the truth to men, women, and families; to encourage the infusion of morals, principles, and the retention of values so that instead of the law making the determination for ones ability, they are able to establish the foundation that will determine their own ability. Mark has been graced with a number of local, national, and international opportunities to sing, play and write with the likes of Bishop Walter and Edwin Hawkins of Love Center Ministries (Oakland, CA); Apostle Julia Whitehurst-Wade of The Perfecting Christian Pentecostal Connection (Apopka, FL); Bishop Wyatt I. Greenlee and The Greater New Higher Heights Christian Church Mass Choir (St. Louis, MO); Pastor C.V. Smith and The Progressive Baptist Church Mass Choir (St. Louis, MO); Pastor John Mitchell Jr. and The Southern Mission Missionary Baptist Church (Kinlock, MO); the late Dr. Thomas Whitfield, Twinkie Clark, Elder Rodney Posey, Donald Lawrence, Apostle Darryl Coley, Elder Bruce Parham, Dr. Leonard Scott (Tyscott), The Thomas A. Dorsey Convention (Dr. Kenneth H. Moales - Presiding), The Gospel Music Workshop of America (Local: Dr. Levi King Sr. - Presiding/National: Dr. Albert Jamieson Presiding), Pastor John P. Kee, Pastor Hezekiah Walker and many more. Mark presently resides in St. Louis, MO and has recently released "Shades of Praise Volume I, "a work geared towards the celebration of diversity and the true embrace of the authentic power of unity. for more information regarding Mark and the ability for him to come and be an intricate part of unifying the kingdom, Contact Divine Inspirations/P.O. Box 38416/St. louis Missouri, 63138 or call 314.323.2523. Or email: Be blessed and continue to prosper.


Artist: Psalmist Elder Mark C. Benjamin
Title: Shades of Praise 1
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 13/03/2007
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 606041183728
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