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Wind & Fire

Wind & Fire

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"The lyrical melodies of Native American flutes and world flutes converse with the rhythmic colors of percussion from around the globe creating a new voice in world fusion". Areas where the instruments used on this recording, include: Africa, India, North America, South America, Ireland, Asia, Egypt and more. Mark Holland's evocative melodies and improvisations feature him on an array of Native American flutes (single & dual chambers,) Anasazi flute and world flutes such as the Indian bansuri, Chinese dizi, and the Andean quena. An ultra low C flute (the lowest played) Buffalo Horn flute, Springbok Horn flute and more. 20 different flutes used. N. Scott Robinson's fiery improvisations and colorful rhythmic textures feature him on a variety of frame drums (Irish bodhran, Indian kanjira, Azerbaijani ghaval, Arabic riqq), African finger pianos (Zimbabwean mbira dza vadzimu & Central African sanza), Brazilian berimbau (musical bow), Indian tabla, Tuvan overtone singing, melodic vocals, Brazilian caxixi, Milltone metal slit drum, Australian didjeridu, donso ngoni (harp from Mali), hindewhu (Central African Pygmy whistle), and a variety of world percussion. Over 30 different sounds used. Two special guests are Ranya Iqbal - Cello on the duet 'River of Dreams' with Anasazi flute. The other is Cory Edwards - Piano on 'Afro-Sky'. A real musical breakthrough in their duo work together - thoughtful compositions and inspiring improvisations with stunning production and packaging offering audiences their unique and original musical voice full of accessible depth, breadth, and beauty. CD Review As he did on his last album, 'Reflections' Native American Flute player Mark Holland teams with another artist to record an album quite different from the previous releases of his ensemble, Autumn's Child. Wind & Fire explores the special chemistry that can exist between wooden flutes and assorted melodic percussion as superbly played by N. Scott Robinson. With occassional contributions from other artists, Holland and Robinson travel through a variety of gently playful or deeply entrancing sonic landscapes. Holland varies the pitch and timbre of his flutes and Robinson wends his way through a virtual world tour of percussion instruments, most of them having a musical resonance to them. Bill Binkleman, New Age Retailer Magazine CD Review (excerpt) 'Wind & Fire is innovative, creative, uber groove and screaming super musicianship. There are different global flavors served up from song to song, keeping the listener captivated. This CD is across-the-spectrum high caliber and imbued with an entire buffet of aural colors and experiences... Mark and Scott slam some serious music from start to finish, engaging in a symbiotic musicial relationship that just plain jives. Wind & Fire is fresh and alive...a compelling, masterful musical achievement. It is a very 5 star CD and it is one that I highly recommend.' Dr. Kathleen Joyce Grendahl, Voice of the Wind CD Review 'This is Native American Flute player Mark Holland's second recent collaboration with another artist. On Wind & Fire, the talented flutist is paird with tuned, medodic percussionist N. Scott Robinson and their marriage is made in musical heaven. Even though percussion is one of the lead instruments, the album's overall mood is relatively restrained and subtle, so that the CD is as adept at soothing as it is at stimulating the listener. Wind & Fire is equal parts passion and subtlety.' Inspired Retailer Magazine.


Artist: Mark Holland & N. Scott Robinson
Title: Wind & Fire
Genre: International
Release Date: 01/01/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 654707751422
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