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Dirt Filled Glass

Dirt Filled Glass

  • By Mark Willer
  • Release 16/09/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £12.50

Product Notes

'Music has always taken me where I want to be,' explains Mark Willer. 'It creates an atmosphere that can place someone within themselves or out to places they have never been. Whether it be a nightmare or fantasy, there is an undeniable charge drawing the audience to a new yet humble sonic experience.' In his debut release Dirt Filled Glass, Mark Willer invites his audience to accompany him on a journey to where they desire to be. His sometimes bold lyrics with underlying roots in folk music, that are shaded by the tensions of rock, begin to define a new musical texture. And it's no mistake. 'I think music is very personal. No two people will draw on the same life experiences when they listen to a piece of music and therefore, it takes them to other worlds that are unique to them.' Mark says that his musical journey started early. Surrounded by all types of musical instruments; organs, pianos, violins, guitars or simply sticks in the backyard, Mark reached out to those instruments at an early age. 'I would try to emulate what I heard and recreate or accentuate a feeling. Kind of like in the movies, music allowed me to build and release scenes of my life.' This is the same creative process that guides Mark's writing today. For him, the music comes first. With a curious simplicity, Willer builds off the emotions and sounds of the music, which becomes the muse. 'The music gets me into the groove and in the mood. From there, I filter through the lyric to find words that resemble a particular feeling that I want to convey. When the words represent a feeling and have a tight relationship with the music, it's a keeper.' Developing his own musical voice and style was truly a collaborative process. Looking for something that was beyond the norm, Mark introduced unconventional instruments and an endemic recording style to end up with a sound different from any that most have experienced. Hand crafted instruments made by a friend and fellow artist Brad Towell contributed to that sound. 'Brad came up with an instrument that is made out of a bar stool and uses an inverted bass bridge. It is strung with bass and guitar strings that produce a kind of trebly, unexacting sound. This provides another layer to the music and offers a departure from the standard band by adding a haunting drone-like quality to the ensemble.' Not only did Mark introduce peculiar and unheard of musical instruments, he also credits a different recording style to the development of his particular sound. Mastering composed noise from a rhythmic collaboration of strange and inviting frequencies, he allowed some of the nuances that end up on the cutting floor of most recordings to be incorporated into his music. 'It's ironic, but the random imperfections that you hear on the final album add such texture and depth to the music that it brings about a perfection to the style.' And he's right. Listening closely, one can hear the tapping of feet, ambient airflow across the mic, and the squeaks from an imperfect wooden floor. Far from being a distraction from the quality of the recording, these little quirks add to the creation of an atmosphere, bringing the audience into the creative process and allowing them to experience the music every step of the way. So where is Mark going next? According to him, that is a question that you can best answer for yourself. 'I want my music to transcend cultures. I would like to think that my music makes people think, reach inside themselves and let them define what the sounds, soul and lyrics mean to them.'


Artist: Mark Willer
Title: Dirt Filled Glass
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 16/09/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707500423
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