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Ain't That Da' Truth

Ain't That Da' Truth

  • By Marlon C.
  • Release 18/07/2006
  • Music Genre Soul/R & B
  • Media Format CD
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There's nothing quite like the feeling of song that reaches out and touches deep within- pulling you into it's melodic layered themes, abstract images and intrinsic emotions. Marlon C.'s debut album, Ain't That the Truth, will take you on a journey where each song paves a path into the soul of this brilliant artist. The self-produced, Ain't That the Truth, proves to be a rich tapestry woven from influences in Blues, Classic Soul, and Hip-Hop. While the beats and rhythms have the hard-hitting, head-nodding kick of Hip-Hop, the bitter-sweet cry of his guitar brings the unmistakable earthen, yet gritty sounds homegrown in the country churches of Richmond, Virginia. The harmony is memorizing- making you want to close your eyes and open your ears to what this music-man has to say. What is more amazing than Marlon C.'s unique sound, are his lyrics. This singer/songwriter's subject-matter reaches out trans-culture, genre and age. His words uncannily connect to the universal emotions that bind us all. The audience is left with a sense that he is actually speaking to you personally. By breaking down barriers of bravado and ego and dealing with what is truly in the heart, desire and vice of man- all man, not only are his words empathic and comforting. Two of the 'must-hear' songs off the album, Love is Garden and Hate the Game, explore the most basic and communal force which guides us all: Love and Hate. By producing his own music, Marlon C.'s delivery is nothing short of spell-bounding. He superbly flows over each track, whether ridin' the pocket or harmonizing over the tune, creating a channel with the audience which is not overbearing but inviting. And it is with his music that he invites you into to his house- where music soothes the soul. Born in Richmond, Va, Marlon Cox grew up surrounded by music. At the age of 8, he began playing drums for his mother and aunt's gospel group, The Henley Sisters. Around the same time, he and his cousin Michael Archer, would also perform in their grandfather's church. Soon the young cousins took their skills outside the church and formed their own Pop/Hip-Hop band, Precise. The two performed and won several local talent shows. Marlon went on to become the ½ lyrical force and producer for the underground Hip-Hop group, Dirty Soulz. Although Dirty Soulz did not gain stardom being signed under the fledgling label D-Lo Productions, the group did gain notoriety and a strong buzz in the Richmond area. Marlon made his production debut on a collaboration with Angie Stone and Terry Ellis on Call On Me, for the HBO movie Disappearing Act. He furthered his portfolio along with Michael Archer (aka D'Angelo) by co-producing and co-writing, Talk Shit to Ya, for the John Singleton's BabyBoy soundtrack. After sharpening his teeth on these projects, Marlon went on a musical sojourn where he began to incorporate his Blues/Soul/Gospel influences as he made the transition from Hip-Hopper to a vocalist. Creating his independent label, DeepNSoul, he produced it's first record, The Henley Sisters', He's Been So Good. Marlon has since worked on projects with Raphael Saadiq, leading to production work on Joi's album, Tennessee Slim Is the Bomb, while touring the Mid-Atlantic to promote the songs that would be featured on his debut album, Ain't That the Truth. Marlon C still performs with Henley Sister's and will soon begin production on their second album.


Artist: Marlon C.
Title: Ain't That Da' Truth
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 18/07/2006
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101206679


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