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Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind

  • By Matt Clark
  • Release 30/09/2003
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

The debut album from Matt Clark! A virtual lifetime of singing, performing, writing, traveling -- LIVING -- has culminated in this first CD of Matt's own original songs. A full twelve tracks offer glimpses of Matt's unique take on life, as well as some intimate reflections of relationships within his own life. To hear Matt render any song at all is to experience natural emotion. Though the album perhaps would best be categorized as 'Acoustic Pop', Matt's voice is not so neatly pigeonholed. He captures everything from the gutsy sound of the blues to smooth tones of jazz greats to the flare of Top 40 pop and rock -- somehow all at once. He exudes a confident sensuality while staying true to wholesome Midwestern roots. The CD's tracks are uplifting, 'feel good' songs, yet each has a vibe all it's own. The songs are personal, yet familiar. Thought-provoking, yet thoroughly fun. Matt grew up in small town in Indiana. Although there were few outlets in the cornfields of the Midwest through which to express it, Matt somehow knew at an early age that music would be his life. Those premonitions have become a committed and passionate reality, and because Matt expressess his thoughts, and ideas in the first person, his songs have a very wide, non 'gender specific' appeal, allowing his listeners to experience his music on a more unique, and personal level. The Title track, 'Free Your Mind', is a simple yet pointed reminder to step out of our comfortable places and live. Edgy rock conveys unconditional commitment in 'I'll Be There'. And the hypnotic 'Sweet Regret' turns the melancholy theme of chances lost into the hopeful and reassuring message that every turn on Life's road has purpose. Guest guitarist David Benziger, who adds to the project yet another truly versatile dimension, really struts his stuff in 'Nothing But You', a song of commitment to love. And 'You Calm Me' slows it down, reminding the listener to do the same, to see Life's journey and travel companions as the real adventure, rather than merely the destination. Changing it up again, Matt springs the lighthearted musical anomaly on the CD, 'I'm Crazy' (aren't we all?), then hits us with passionate vocals in the reflective 'Would I' and pays homage to his Midwestern rock and country influences with 'It's Time To Give Up'. The moody 'I Said' is one of Matt's strongest vocal performances, imploring us to trust love. Still a bit more pensive, refreshing folk influences run through 'Rescue Me' and 'I Don't Wanna Be In Love'. He finishes off the set strong with the appropriately-titled yet ironic, acoustic pop/rock tune 'It's Over' -- a perspective on what happens to one's independent self when making the choice to let someone 'in'. Matt's music is truly eclectic. It is the result of long hours listening to the radio, from R&B to Rock, Billy Joel to Dave Matthews. He proves that pop music still can and should make people feel good. Matt continues to sing in production shows in the US and abroad, as well as with several cover bands, in order to 'pay the bills', but is excited about this first venture in expressing his thoughts, his music, his way. Fans have often described Matt Clark's singing and song writing as the perfect soundtrack for driving down the road with the windows open, the wind blowing, and the road stretching endlessly ahead. Matt hopes you will feel the same and will consider yourself a fan and friend through his music. Take the ride. Enjoy!


Artist: Matt Clark
Title: Free Your Mind
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 30/09/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 625989393129


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