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Beloved-Devotional Songs to God

Beloved-Devotional Songs to God

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Product Notes

Information on the CD and on me Miriam - Ahuvatel Iron is a Jerusalemite, singer, composer, poet & psalmist and above all God's beloved. Growing up in a Jewish Hassidic family of Karliners, she absorbed their passionate and joyous spirit. Still, being born as a free spirit, she went on a long individual search for her own spirituality, integrating the new learning, back to her Jewish sources, thus becoming a pioneer of the Jewish Renewal movement in Israel. Her source of inspiration in this CD: are the Psalms, which are an authentic reflection of her singing soul. The result is a new, unique expression of the Hebraic singing, fusing the ancient texts and spirit with great joy, depth and faith, of an Israeli woman, that is in love with God. My music is world music. It is very rich in styles and includes Middle East and western instruments. You'll find in it joeys songs Number:, 8,12,16,2 Spiritual,& gentle songs Number: 1,3,10,11,13,15,17 Cleyzmer style songs: 2,6,7 Middle Eastern style Number 8,9,10,11,12,14 And even Dixie American style! Number: 16 How this CD came in to being? 'I sing to God, for God had saved me' Psalms 13, 6 - Reading these words which King David wrote in his personal journal - Psalm, I said to my self: 'How amazing, I feel the same...' At that moment, a melody revealed itself in my heart and turned these words into a song. That's how other songs and this CD got created. Thank you God, for the inspiration and for the opportunities, to share my music, with others . May we all be close to you, God, so we all could feel your light and your love. I also would like to thank to all the musicians that have worked with me on this CD. They all did it with love and care! I learned a lot in the process. Subhan, my Sufi friend, from Sarasota write: This is how I experienced your music. I began to listen to it and it sounded good.... But as I listen more and more, it got better and better. The sounds began to enter my blood felt like eating a gourmet meal. As in food I started with a small portion and then got another small portion, followed by another portion on another day, Feeling a great sense of appreciation and anticipation, each time. I got lost in it 'flavors' and 'perfumes' and was taken to another place...With every song more 'spices' and 'textures' of the music became apparent. Thank you so much for enriching my life with your music. Howard Hass from California write: Miriam The beloved, your music is written with love, thank you so much. Please continue to sing and compose. My friend Andrian, a Chazzan from Pennsylvania, write:' Not only that the melodies you have composed are with me all day. I believe, they can enrich any personal and community worship. May God continue to bless you!' A priest from Paris writes: ' I am so happy to hear this fresh sounds and melodies to the ancient Psalms. As you know we Christians are in love with the poetry of King David, the forefather of Christ. I will share it with my community & friends.' A black Pastor from Indianapolis writes:' Miriam, I love your music, I am going to use them in church, Halleluiah!!! Also, Please send me 4 more CD's, they will make nice presents for my friends.


Title: Beloved-Devotional Songs to God
Genre: International
Release Date: 20/09/2005
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 634479169779
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