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Still Feels Like Your Here

Still Feels Like Your Here

  • By Neverbetter
  • Release 11/10/2012
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.23

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Product Notes

PREFACE: NeverBetter is a five-piece rock band built with the passion for solid, authentic music. Though individual influences vary, all members collaborate seamlessly and contribute their talents equally. More than just a band, NeverBetter is a brotherhood. Success is in the heart of the group, and each member strives for it in music and everyday life. With soulful lyrics, catchy melodies, and driving instruments to boot, NeverBetter is taking the music world by storm. BIOGRAPHY: In late April of 2006, after the demise of their former band, guitarist Eric Fleming & drummer Boogie decided to continue their pursuit of a band that could make it to the next level. Fleming contacted vocalist Aaron Fisher who, at the time, was performing solo at local pubs. Fisher quickly replied and cancelled all of his remaining shows to focus on this new project. A few months later, Boogie contacted his multi-talented friend and former bandmate, guitarist/vocalist James Hall to see if he would be interested in a jam session. Hall agreed & brought along bassist Jeremy Masters. In the summer of 2006, NeverBetter was born. Now, a year later, NeverBetter has played numerous local shows and has begun to establish a fan base. In the process, NeverBetter has become one of the bigger-drawing rock bands in their hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. The band has received media promotion from Rock 93.5 (Columbia, SC) for several live events; also, the band has placed in the top five in all statewide competitions entered thus far. In an area where Metal, Country and R&B are heavyweight contenders, NeverBetter is breaking the mold, proving to many that they are worthy of becoming the next big thing to rise from the Columbia music scene. Rather than targeting a specific group of people, they construct their material for everyone to enjoy. As a result, NeverBetter's fan base is about as diverse as they come, with fans ranging in age from teens to people in their 50's. Now that their debut album is released, word will spread even further and it's gravity will attract even more listeners. Until then, spread the word... NeverBetter is coming! ALBUM SPECIFICS: All songs written and arranged by Neverbetter Copyright (c) 2007 Neverbetter. All rights reserved. Produced by Drew Leclair and Neverbetter Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Drew Leclair Mastered at Jam Room, 201 S. Prospect St. Columbia, SC Art Direction and Design by Scott Moore Photography by Caroline Hall and Lora Wells Manufactured in the U.S. by Disc Makers (Pennsauken, NJ) PRESS: 10/03/07 Free-Times (Local Weekly Zine) Neverbetter is arguably the most polished (and most regrettably unsigned) mainstream rock band in Columbia. While there are those who would wear proudly on their sleeves a tenuous appeal to the extremes - be it hardest, loudest or most eclectic - Neverbetter rides straight down the middle of the road. Funny thing is there are people who think that's a bad thing. If a band writes great, catchy, hook-laden and radio friendly gems - which Neverbetter does - then rejoice in the music and feel lucky to count the band among your hometown friends. Soon enough, Neverbetter could very well outgrow our little burg. Why? Simply put, it's the songs: Great tunes that are as smartly written as any million-selling Nickelback song and as accessible as the best from Papa Roach or Chevelle. Sometimes you just need to put your lighter up in the air and have a good time, and it's almost as if Neverbetter singer Aaron Fisher and his band mates write songs with that express purpose in mind. Remember when you were a kid? It didn't matter who sang the song; if it got you dancing or singing along, you liked it. Let Neverbetter show you that feeling again. It's easy. Just open your ears. J. Cataldo (WARQ-Rock 93.5 / FreeTimes) PRESS: 8/17/07 The State Newspaper (Columbia, SC) 9pm tonight: Neverbetter at Headliners. Aaron Fisher, the former Mind Your Head vocalist who now sings for Neverbetter, has a sleek voice and delivery that is exactly what modern rock demands: forceful, at times dreary, and always on edge. The music of the band's debut CD, 'Still Feels Like You're Here' which will be released tonight, feels formulaic at times, though songs such as 'Outspoken,' 'Just a Whisper' and 'Empty' would sound impressively comfortable on WARQ-FM Rock 93.5. Underface will open the show. Headliners is at 700 Gervais St. $10; (803) 796-2333 Otis Taylor - The State Newspaper (Columbia, SC) (803) 771-8362 PRESS: 8/15/07 Free-Times (Local Weekly Zine) Update: Tony Byroads (formally of Crossfade) is not or ever was our manager. The press below only states that Tony is acting as manager. Truthfully he only helps us out as a friend. Please keep this in mind when reading below. Thank you! Neverbetter - When Crossfade broke out of Columbia and into the big time, the floodgates opened as local heavies attempted to emulate the success of the homegrown heroes. Of all the current local heavies, Neverbetter might have the best chance to do just that- it's melodic nu-metal has already received substantial airplay on WARQ, where it meshes seamlessly with the Chevelles, Papa Roaches and Deepfields of the world. Neverbetter drops it's debut disc ...still feels like you're here, which boasts muscular tunes and the slick spit-n-Polish of studio sheen at this show. If nothing else, the band has someone on it's side that knows how to get to the big time - ex-Crossfade sideman Tony Byroads acts as Neverbetter's manager. Speaking of ex-Crossfade dudes, ex-Crossfade drummer Brian Geiger's new project, Underface, opens. Patrick Wall (free-times music editor) Headliners: 9 p.m., $10; 796-2333,


Artist: Neverbetter
Title: Still Feels Like Your Here
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/10/2012
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 837101383882