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Where No Kings Shall Roam

Where No Kings Shall Roam

  • By Ninth Kingdom
  • Release 23/06/2009
  • Music Genre Heavy Metal
  • Media Format CD
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Price: £11.08

Product Notes

Always expanding their musical horizons and pushing their own limits of musicianship Ninth Kingdom have only just begun. Every song is different from the last, every album sounds different from the last. Every album has a concept and music to match. Even with that broad range this band is able to keep the rooted elements of Death and Black Metal. Listen to their demo 'The Dawning' and their latest album 'Where No Kings Shall Roam' they sound quite different but there still remains that Ninth Kingdom energy and sound. Notice their range of musicianship and you'll hear elements of classical, jazz, flamenco, lot of melodies including exotic melodies. Top that off with other elements of metal music like black, death, thrash, speed, and shredding guitars. 'Where No Kings Shall Roam' has great quality and sound production. Though they are an unsigned band you can tell they spent a lot of time and perhaps money writing and recording as well as packaging this album. The songs are well written and well structured. The Epic song in itself 'A Storm On The Horizon' expands some 11:30min long. The song is great enough that you don't realize you've listen to it for that long. The two guitarists also showcase a bit of their soloing abilities which adds to the music as oppose to take away from it. They still manage to keep 'Where No Kings Shall Roam' Epic, direct, and focused. Keep track of this band because there will be great surprises to come. BIO: Originally named Abaddon, Formed in the late 90's in Hawaii by Amblividon (Gtr) and Jamey (Asmodeus) Wooten. Hell bent on writing epic music that encompassed many genre's of metal with it's foundation rooted in death and black metal. The duo wrote 5 songs. A few years later Asmodeus departs from the band. Amblividon was not deterred by this as his ambitions grew even stronger. Eventually Amblividon met Ciiwóhoonéíhi (Drums). Originally set to play bass the two decided it would be more difficult to find a drummer than bass player. Ciiwóhoonéíhi stepped up to drumming. In Hawaii, metal in general was practically extinct. The two decided to move to Ciiwóhoonéíhi's hometown; Houston, Texas . Then it was realized that 'Abaddon' was a common name among other bands around the world. A name change was absolute. Amblividon and Ciiwóhoonéíhi came up the the name 'Ninth Kingdom'. Ninth Kingdom's meaning has many folds as it encompasses many ideas. Ideas shared by the two about their own belief system. These ideas are expressed within the music and lyrics of Ninth Kingdom. Lazaro Sanchez (Funeral Rites, Demonic Vengeance) joined as vocalist and Judson Duncan filled in the second guitar. This line up carried on for a couple years. Later Jonathan (Arioch) Gossett joined the ranks as bassist. Soon after Judson and Lazaro exited the band. Arioch, still a bass player took over vocal duty. In 2006 Amblividon, Ciiwóhoonéíhi, and Arioch entered the studio for their first demo 'The Dawning' Not long after that, Vetis entered to take up second guitar. In 2008 August Ninth Kingdom entered the studio to record their first official album 'Where No Kings Shall Roam'. Due out this summer. January 2009, due to extenuating circumstances Arioch departs the band. Late April, Orpheus (Sartoraaus, Larvae) took over vocals. He exceeds expectations and will bring new elements to Ninth Kingdom. They are the Crusaders Of The Black Flame and beauty amidst chaos is the vision of their sound. With an affinity for melodies, high energy, a sense of hatred and anger. The future is limitless for Ninth Kingdom.


Artist: Ninth Kingdom
Title: Where No Kings Shall Roam
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 23/06/2009
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 884501159531
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