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My Father's Son

My Father's Son

  • By Paul Jamieson
  • Release 24/12/2002
  • Music Genre Rock
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

This CD originated out of a song I wrote about how the woman that I was with didn't have to worry about how things were going to go, how I was going to treat her, etc. Because I learned it all from my father, hence My Father's Son. Primarily, I wanted to record some of my songs, including some that I don't play out with my band but were meaningful to me. The project took on new significance when my father was diagnosed with cancer shortly after I wrote the song. I worked on it throughout his illness, to which he succumbed after a long brave fight on July 10, 2001. So then the project became in part a way to honor the memory of my father, Tom Jamieson. I hope you enjoy it. A brief word about the tracks --Walkin Round Town in the Rain: a goofy blues song --Don't Get Her Queens Up: a song about what happens when you get a woman from Queens mad (look out) -- Smile: One of the first songs I wrote, with Ken McChord -- Tonight: About the inner sadness of a corporate type woman caught 'beneath the glass' and sterile fluorescent lights, living a lonely type of existence that I sense many yuppies live -- Look Forward, Look Back: about how people spend their time and what's important when you look back at what you did -- Sunday Morning: No idea where this one came from. It's about an inner city woman and the kid who shot her son and going to the funeral Sunday morning. This song was eerie to write because I had a sense of channeling this story that was completely foreign to my life. -- Lullaby for Leila: song to help sleeping (duh) -- Muddle Through: what it's like to date me -- My Father's Son: see above -- Without You: I don't know, kind of a groove oriented love song -- By Request: The three verses are the 3 stages (morning, noon, afternoon) of a day's walk into the country. I see green fields in my head somehow. -- More of What We Are: inspired by something someone said to me once that as we get older we don't become different, we become more of who we've always been.


Artist: Paul Jamieson
Title: My Father's Son
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 24/12/2002
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 783707636825


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