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  • By Pierre Dees
  • Release 20/05/2003
  • Music Genre Soul/R & B
  • Media Format CD
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Product Notes

About The Songs: 1. We've worked or studied hard all week, now the weekend is here and we deserve to have some fun. So call some friends, and meet me at the 'Club Tonight'. 2. Sometimes in our lives, we don't realize or appreciate how good a person has really been to us. So we find ourselves sitting and wondering how we could have ever been a fool and let them go. And in a vain attempt to get them back, we call our local radio station and ask the DJ to dedicate this song to them. 'Missing You'. 3. Everyone, and I'm sure even you, have some sensual desire, some erotic fantasy that's just burning to be fulfilled. What's your fantasy? Well if you want to know mine, just leave the 'Lights On'. 4. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone that you know, is already involved with someone else? And they promise you that they're going to leave that other person to be with you. Well, this week they'll put them out, but next week they'll be 'Back Home.' 5. Do you know someone who has a co- worker or a friend that has a romantic interest in them? Even though they're already involved in a relation ship with someone else? Could it be true, that all they really want is a 'One Night Stand'? 6. Remember your childhood friend, your best friend who you did everything with? Yeah, some of us are still friends, others have grown apart, and some lost their lives too young. It just makes us wish we could go 'Back In Time'. 7. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone and had the feeling that they were cheating you. So you confront them about it and ask them to tell you the truth. But they couldn't, 'Keep It Real'. 8. Rapper 'Isyclus' gives the hip-hop perspective of being involved with someone. Then finding out they cheated on you. If you've told them once, then you've told them twice, 'Keep It Real' Pt.2. 9. It's funny how someone who broke up with you, wants you back all of the sudden when they see or hear about you with being someone new. And you find yourself constantly telling them, 'You Can't Have Me Back'. 10. Have you ever met someone that you were really attracted to and thought to yourself, if you could be with them, you'd try to enjoy every moment of it, by making love, 'Nice and Slow'? 11. Think back. Think back to the time when you first realized you were in love with someone. How you never wanted to be apart from them. That just seeing them made you feel good inside. And you would think to yourself, 'Show Me What Love Is'.


Artist: Pierre Dees
Title: Pierre
Genre: Soul/R & B
Release Date: 20/05/2003
Label: CD Baby
Media Format: CD
UPC: 826141011121
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