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El Paso, Elsewhere: The Album (Original Soundtrack)

El Paso, Elsewhere: The Album (Original Soundtrack)

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Stop. Breathe. Reload. And dive into "El Paso, Elsewhere: The Album".

Black Screen Records, Lost In Cult Records and Strange Scaffold are teaming up to bring the original songs of RJ Lake and LAKE SAVAGE to life on glorious vinyl.

"El Paso, Elsewhere: The Album" takes aim at the key songs that punctuate the game's dark and introspective journey through haunted hallways - with heavy doses of hip-hop, electronica and Trace-Wave coalescing into a pellucid vision of influences and a deeply entrenched sense of identity, akin to the works of seminal hip-hop artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Open Mike Eagle. All tied together within the beautiful gold foil cover artwork by Bri Neumann.

RJ Lake shared some of their thoughts going into the creation of this album:

"Months before the first thing I ever started working on with Nelson [Dog Airport Game (that's not the actual title, but it might as well be)] even came out, he asked me if I knew anyone who could make a horror game. I knew a guy.

A few months in, we did a touch-base about the music and mutually agreed that none of it at that point was totally working. It was good (look, I'm not going to put myself down here; even back in 2020, it kicked ass) but it wasn't RIGHT. He gave me a bunch of reference materials and kept pointing to them and saying: 'Okay, but these? These are RIGHT. These have the juice we want.' The thing every single song he showed me had in common, was that every one of them had vocals. After some back and forth, we both agreed: 'El Paso, Elsewhere' had to be a rap record as much as it had to be a game.

So, three and a half years later, here we are. This is probably the most lavishly mixed thing I've ever made, full of weird, intricate beats, layered vocals from both myself and Nelson, lyrics that go everywhere from bleak to so-party-that-you'll-die to totally ridiculous, loads and loads of genre switch-ups, and absolutely zero subtlety. For 'El Paso, Elsewhere', I made a full score, but that's not what this is. This vinyl is a f***ing album and it's sequenced like one. Play it loud!"

Alongside the LP, explore what happens after the events of "El Paso, Elsewhere" within the diaries of James Savage - an exclusive in-world archive of the thoughts and feelings directly from the heart and soul of our protagonist within the liner notes. As well as a 5-page excerpt from the "El Paso, Elsewhere" original script and never before seen concept art by Demente Animation Studio.


Title: El Paso, Elsewhere: The Album (Original Soundtrack)
Genre: Soundtrack
Attributes: Booklet
Release Date: 31/05/2024
Label: Black Screen Records
Media Format: LP
UPC: 4059251611424